UDF pressurising investigating officials - CPM State Secretary Pinarai Vijayan

The murder of ex leader of C P I M, T.P. Chandrasekharan of Revolutionary Marxist Party is a dastardly act. The Investigating authorities have already arrested about 13 persons including 3 CPIM activists who are suspected to be involved in the criminal act. What for the murder was done will come out with the arrest of the culprits in course of the investigation. Till that time all are expected to wait and watch. Instead both the ruling and opposition combines are out and are vigorous in finding ways to take advantage of the incident. While the UDF is having sit in protest, the CPIM State Secretary has come out with some gibberish statements to the effect that the UDF Government is trying to book CPIM leaders. He is getting nervous because of the arrest of 3 connected with his party and the apprehension that some more of the party cadre may be arrested. Both the sides are doing everything to take the mileage out of the murder or reduce the ill effects to the respective sides. But both the groups are not at all interested in incident of murder as such. Pinarai stated that UDF constituents are threatening the investigating officials with punishment actions if the persons named the them are not arrested. He must be speaking from the experience of his Government. They might have done such tactics against the then opposition who are now the ruling group. The leaders of both sides should not think the mass as dumb and do irresponsible acts or state irresponsible things.