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    Sharp petrol hike in Kerala

    There is a sharp increase in petrol price in Kerala, and it made price 75RS/Litre.
    This will be accompanied by an increase in price of vegetables and other necessary things. So if the petrol price is increasing like this, what will we do with our vehicles? Frame it with glass case and put it for the public show?
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    Yes of course this is a serious issue because if price of the petrol will increase day by day, then in future, we have to take loans for petrol charge. The petrol charge is increasing due to foreign trade. However, there is no decrease in government tax. Both Indian government and Kerala government take a high tax for fuels. They are not at all thinking about the seriousness of this problem. However, if they reduce the charge, then it will also make a loss in government.

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    The problem in India is high tax on Import. As india is devolping country, we cant reduce the tax. Our neighboring country Pakisthan has less import tax and price of petrol there is just around 55 rs / litre.

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    Yes more than 50% of the Indian government is with the tax of petrol. And also India is not a developed country but a developing country. But the problem is an ordinary man cannot afford the cost of petrol. And other thing Pakistan is also a developing country not a developed country. But there petrol charge is low and India has more benefits and National Income than the Pakistan. If Indian government reduce 5 Rs for a litre then it will help the ordinary people.

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    It is not easy for the government to reduce the price of petrol suddenly. These sudden hike in petrol price started when Government gave complete rights of petroleum products to private sector. That was a serious mistake done by the Government. Now the crude oil price is lower , But still companies are saying they are in debt and increasing the price. In my opinion Government should take serious control over these companies.

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