The statement of Mani about CPM a wide disaster

One of the breaking news that the Kerala was seened nowadays is the statement of Mani about CPM and the murder of Revolutionary Marxist Party leader T.P Chandrashakaran , Mani,in his speech ,had reportedly says about three political murders that took place in Iddukki district. He says that one person was shot , another beaten to death and a third one stabbed all of them opponents of the CPM. When CPM trying to defend against T.P Chandrashakaran murder. He added this message when CPM was in trouble. This speech will reopen the investigation of three political murders in Iddukki district allegedly carried out by the CPM between 1982 and 1983. Police filed an FIR against Mani before the Thodupuzha judicial first class magistrate court along with the entire transcript of his speech. The speech created a very violation in CPM and many political leaders are also trying to defend. Opposition political leader V.S Achuthananthan says about Mani's statement is "MM Mani's Statement About Political Murder Is Not True".

1982 onwards there is more than 13 murder cases are found in Iddukki district all the cases will be reinvestigat trying to find the killers.It is learnt that the CPM central leadership has sought clarification on the controversial statement made by M M Mani. Mani's speech had sparked a raging political row in Kerala with the Congress and BJP saying it exposed CPI-M's 'politics of violence'. This political murder speech by Mani is not only sparked in Kerala but also it effect in India widely. Other than murders there are some man missing cases also presented in Iddukki.His statement had come at a most difficult time for CPI-M in the state as it was on the defensive with some of its activists arrested in connection with the murder of party rebel and RMP leader T P Chandrasekharan.

This became a very popular breaking news nowadays. Because one of the India's trusted party has killing habit of those who unwanted. The statement of Mani which not only make a serious problem but also it effects the youngsters who wanted to looking for a future Kerala rulers. The murder of CPM political leader T.P Chandrashakaran is found that the murders are from CPM. The statements of Achudhanthan and Pinnarai about statement of Mani is also created a social political problem in Kerala. The planning for the murder of Chandrashkran was planned before several months. Mani the Iddukki CPM leader has publicly said the party killed its political adversaries by preparing a list of persons to be killed in 1980s. It is a very important revelation,the secret police department will investigates the list that created and whom the personalities was included,who was murdered and what is the reason behind this step.

Pinarayi said that Mani himself had later clarified about his controversial statement. At this juncture when enemies are trying to pin down the party, any statements made by leaders will be used only against the party. All the statements and issue are coming against CPM so Pinarayi added that stop discussing and making new statement about this issue to the CPM political members. Pinarayi already announced this before the statement of Mani and after the death T.P Chandrashakran but the members like Mani and other political members didn't take this as a serious and the result was gone like this if Mani didn't speech about the T.P Chandrashakran murder then the case will not be occur and no problem will occur. But true will always win. It is found that the senoir CPM political leader Mani has some roles in the political murders and man missing cases.

Once our Kerala was a gods own country can anyone can say now it is except foreigners. Praying for a new future for Kerala.