C.V Pappachan - Former Indian football captain from Kerala

C.V Pappachan is a former Indian International football player from Thrissur, Kerala. Our Kerala deducted so many brilliant and talented players to Indian International team he was one of them. He also captained India in a couple of tournaments. He was born in a village called Parappur in Thrissur district, he became a professional football player in 1982. He is not only good in playing as a striker but also he is best in captaining a team. He captained Kerala Police team and Kerala State team and also he represented as a captain for India in several tournament. He played for Kerala Police team during 1982-1998 and for FC Kochin during 1998- 99. For representing India, in 1987 he played Calicut Nehru Cup International Football Tournament and in 1981 Thiruvananthapuram Nehru Cup. He scoped his first goal for India when they met Hungary 1991 edition of Nehru Cup. He was in the grade of senior B National team at the Sri lanka Independence Cup in 1998.

He played for Kerala in Santhosh Trophy tournament eight times. He is one of the very talented players when he play with the ball, he can able to balance his body easily and to pass to any direction or to shoot on the net. His all achievements for Indian football team and Kerala is a tea proud full thing. He is one of the very successive player played in many national and international tournaments.

He has a huge numbers award he was some of them are ,1989 : Durant Cup, Delhi, Best Player ,1993 : Federation Cup, Best Player ,1993 : Oktopalas Award, Thrissur ,1994 : Best Player Award from Kerala Government, Price money of One lakh rupees ,1996 : Jimmy George Award ,1996 : T. Aboobekker Award, Kozhikode ,1997 : Kerala Football Association Best Player Award (G. V. Raja),2009 : E.C. Bharathan Memmorial Trophy, Kozhikode. He done a great job for India and he also have a better future for Indian International football team. Some of the popular matches that he played for India are ,1987 : SAF Games: Calcutta, Reserve ,1987 : Nehru Cup, Kozhikode ,1989 : Saf Games, Pakisthan, 1989 : Presidents Gold Cup, Dhakka ,1990 : Saf Games, Srilanka ,1991 : Super Soccer Series, Srilanka, Bangalore ,1991 : Nehru Cup, Thiruvananthapuram ,1993 : Pre World Cup, Eligibility Match, Beirut, Korea ,1994 : Bristol Freedom Cup, Srilanka, Winners. He is one of the best forward striker that the Indian football was ever seen. More over he can handle the ball very easily with his leg. His foot is always ready to shoot the ball into the net when he was in the ground. Kerala is well known for football especially Thrissur,Kozhikod and Malappuram. After the successive career in football and commentary Pappachan made his debut as a Panchari Melam performer at a function in the Thekkinkad Maidan on 31 August 2009.He is now a professional on this career as well as the football his legs once made the vigorous moves in the play field to entertain his fans, it is now his hands on the chenda that thrill the spectators. On the ground he was a goal machine and super passer.

He always enjoyed the game as well as the music. Pappachan deducted many historical events and memories to the past generation and he gave so many lessons to the future and present generation in football in India. All the techniques and placement where one of the main reason that make him a captain and one of the best player in India. He is also called one of the best Indian football captain who done a great job for India. As a malayalee we were very proud of him and his achievement. Hope a better future for Indian football and Kerala in development in deducted more talented players to the future India.