D Company - one film with 5 action stories.

The five directors Joshy, Shaji Kailas, M.Padmakumar, Deepan and Vinod Vijayan who are known as hit makers are going to direct a highly action packed Malayalam film. These five directors will direct one action film each and that films will be co-ordinated suitably to form a massive action film. The name for the film is titled as ' D Company '. It was ranjith who started the idea of multi stories in a single film through the film 'Kerala cafe'.

Ranjan Pramod is the script writer of Joshy. After the hit film Naran, Ranjan and Joshy are working again. Rajesh Jayaram will write the script for Shaji Kailas, and G.S.Anil for M.Padmakumar. Vinod Vijayan will write his own script and directs it. Next its the new rising actor Anoop Menon who is the script writer of Deepan. Deepan's last film Hero was a big failure, he is coming back strongly with this film. D company is produced by Vinod Vijayan itself.

In this film the each shot segments written by the script writers will be named as colors red, blue, green, etc. As per the current informations the main casting is Mohanlal, Dileep, Fahad Fasil, Asif, Anoop menon, Jayasurya, Ananya And Remya nambeesan. Main leading actresses are expected to be called for this film.

As mentioned earlier this film is going to a massive action hit because the stunts are carried out under Thyagarajan, Anal Arash, Kanal Kannan and Mafia Sasi. RahulRaj, Deepak Dev, M.Jayachandran, Jasi gift, Rathish Vega are the music directors of these films. So its 100 percent sure that we are going to get a good music treat. A big casting is behind this film. Not only Malayalam actors but also other language actors are also selected for this film.

The shooting of D Company will start in June and is expected to be released in the last of 2012. So wait for this variety action film.