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    Pathetic condition of the roads of kerala

    Hi friends,

    Now I am on a journey to a far away place by bus. It's raining heavily here. It is really a sad sight to see the pathetic condition of the roads in monsoon season. I am just posting this forum to know whether the same condition prevails in almost all parts of kerala.

    We really have to give a wake up call regarding this pathetic condition. It is an alarming situation. Most of the state and national highways are having this condition. I don't know why the government officials are waiting for the arrival of rainy season in order to start the maintainance work?

    I am feeling bad to say that It is only condition of kerala roads. Take a look at the roads of tamilnadu, karnataka etc. They maintain good roads and the maintainance works are done at proper time. For this they charge only a few amount from the common people as toll. But here, we are forced to pay taxes and tolls to travel through these roads. Do you think that it is fair? Please have your comments on this issue.
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    Hi Gokul
    You are right, most of the roads in the Kerala is very bad when compared with Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. My nearest road is the best examples for this. Which are in very bad condition. I need not consider any other roads in this forum. Gutters are the main problem for our roads. During rainy season water will blocked on road, which will reduce the strength of road. This is the main reason of these bad roads. In neighboring states has no such a problem from rain water.
    I have got number of chances to travel inside and outside of Kerala. In Kerala I saw most of the village roads are very bad condition. But most of the high ways are in good condition. I think the maintenance of Kerala roads are not done in appropriate manner. We have to change this system. And we have to study some methods to keep our roads neatly from other states. During the time of construction most of the contractors did bad work for their own benefits not for the betterment of society.

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    It is a serious that need much care. Now a days lots of our roads are containing gutter, and when the rain comes,these gutters are filled with water. So that people unable to find gutters and accidently fell on it. Some times it may turns to death of the people. Government should take appropriate action to solve this problem soon. Otherwise it will results increase of numbers of accident death. Government is for protecting the people from difficulty. If they are fails in it, they have no right to be in that positiön. I request government to take necessary need to resolve this issue. We have to systematic in road saftey measures.

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