Kerala government improves the quality of engineering education.They begin the success story.

Kerala's education minister P K Abdu Rabb said we have to improve the education and infrastructure in private self-financing engineering colleges in kerala state,he also said that the minimum pass rate is 40 percent.They would also prepare a list and monitor those colleges where the pass rate was less than 30 per cent.The first step of the government would instruct the universities not to promote students to sixth semester without passing the first and second semester.The government-appointed Expert Committee to study the functioning of self financing colleges would be asked to submit a report on the basis of the High Court order.However, the government would have to take steps to close down the colleges if these institutions failed to improve its performance and quality even after these measures.The universities should also take necessary steps to conduct supplementary examinations along with semester four and five examinations,the minister said.Rabb said all these colleges would have to take steps to improve their standard in the next three years.