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    Changing Colour of School Uniform

    Hi all, Greetings!

    It is a matter of great concern that in Kerala whenever there is changes in government whenever different political parties come in force, they used to change certain things like colouring government building, changing school uniform colours and books to take benefits to their parties.

    Recently, it is noted that the uniform colour changed to green at government schools and it is also learned that they are going to paint school roof to green colour, What all these means? Whey this change should be allowed,
    People ofkerala are always boasting as intelligent?? but there is none to protect our century old culture.

    One more thing to take care that, all these changes is always made by politicians by using the Fund of Treasury kept for the basic need of people and not for using to get benefit for any particular party.

    This type of stupid things should be stopped. Why people of kerala are not responsing to this?

    Remember Vivekananda! once he said kerala is a house of lunatics, now it has became a reality!

    If this is encouraged it will be repeated every time by each and every party. So come and react today.
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    Thanks for posting this valuable content here. If we need some changes then we should be think and change many changes in the world. So, now a days this only not problem in our India. We can find lots of unwanted educational rules and issues. So only kerala government only not problem, we can spot out all governments and their mistakes and unwanted rules.



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    Changing the colour or uniform is not a good thing. This means we are wasting public money. Party's should be put fine if the public money is wasting like this. All the money spend should have proper AUDIT in place so that money should not be misused. Instead of changing the colour , do something like on food, book, and many other thing are left . Do you think colouring will make any improvement in education of child or the development of state. If this is prove then go ahead .
    You can make a rule "if you want to change the colour , it should be from the parties pocket not of public money".

    K K Manoj Kumar

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    @ k k manoj kumar, your ideas are really interesting. You are really correct. Changing colour of uniform is not a great issue. Schools and colleges are need some educational improvement. You are correct manoj, Schools should provide some food, book and some other special training program for students instead of changing color of uniform.

    Now a days governments are giving good respect to unwanted issues and programs. People also giving most important for movies, cinema and some other unwanted things. We should give some concentration on educational system then only we can improve our status and our country status. Let us pray for our future improvement in our India. It will be confirm by our future youngster of India.

    Santhosh Kumar.A

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