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    Hartal should be banned in kerala

    Before Hartals & Bandhs were the ways to protest against the government for the reasonable things by the public. But now it is used as the way to support and protect the political criminals.

    I think Keralites are fools. Otherwise it should not be happened in such a state, where there is hundred percent literacy.

    Yesterday there was a hartal called by the LDF to protest against the arrest of their leader, who is said to be the accused in a murder case. Accoding to the police, they have enough evidence to prove that the accused is involced in the muder case. According to the IPC, if police arrest somebody in relation with a criminal case, he is an accused and not the criminal unitil it is prooved that he has done the crime, the court of law. If somebody is not expressing their tolerance until the court of law make its decission in a case, that means they are questioning the judiciary of the country. Instead of being patiant in this case the LDF has called for Hartal all over Kerala. You may be heard that what happened in that hartal. Every were the hartal became violent and the supporters of hartal have distroyed public and private properties. It should not be allowed. Politics is not meant for to disturb the public or distroy their properties but to protect them. But unfortunately in Keral it is vise versa. There should be a law to accuire the compensation with penalty from the political party if they have distroyed any public or private property during a hartal. And all the ativities like HARTAL, which affects the common life of the public should be banned in Kerala. Because Kerala became a state of Hartals. And all the Hartals becoming Bandh.

    I think this is the time to decide Keralites that whether they need such a political party that support criminals and they call for criminal activities. The recent incidents shows that LDF is a party of criminals and they will not allow to live any body who oppose the party.

    What is you opinion?
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    Harthal should be banned because it effects the human life adversly. Nowadays harthals are analogous to violence. Harthals are generally conducted for human welfare but that phase is changed . But now it is done for ccreating violence among people and for the sake of some personalities.

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