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    What is the importance of onam in Kerala?

    We know that Kerala is known as gods own country. The state is blessed with so much of natural wealth like, rivers, hills, forests etc.
    In Kerala, the Onam had a great importance among people. Because, it is the time where all people enjoying by involving in various activities like, Pookkalam, Vadam vali, Thiruvathirakkali, Onathallu, pulikkali etc.
    The onam is a time to memorise the olden dyas of Kerala.
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    Onam is a always a nostalgia for almost all Keralites. Wherever there is Malayalee there will be Onam. So Onam is not now confined to Kerala alone. Throughout the world it is befittingly celebrated.

    A past is reproduced through the celebration. Mythological attributes are there for the pattern of celebrations. There are stories related to these celebrations. History and myths are combined in these stories.

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    Onam is an ancient festival which survives in modern times too. The rich cultural heritage of Kerala comes out in its best form and spirit during the ten-day festival. Pookalam is the epithet for conventional floral designs created on the largest festival in the Indian state of Kerala.

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    Basically I am from Tamilnadu, so I don't know much about Onam festival. But I can say some general information about Festival. I have some friends in my college, they always explaining about Onam festival. Onam is no 1 festival in Kerala which can celebrated by all type of peoples. The onam is one of the 10 day festival, it has many contests and many other enjoyment.

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    Onam has relevance in all the time. Onam is the sweet memories of the golden periods of Kerala. Now days due to the nuclear families the strength of the relationship is reduced. Onam is the time when all the family members unite. A sad fact about onam is now the celebrations are more by the television channels and by the markets. However the value of onam increases year by year. Onam is a nostalgia for every Malayali.

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    Onam is not just a celebration. It is our mode of living. It is a call. A call for us to realize how much we have changed, how we have to live, how much close was our people to nature.
    It reminds us of our agrarian tradition, the hard working mentality, an ideal state where everyone have their own share to contribute and their own way of peacefully conducting oneself. When we worked in the fragrance of the wet soil surrounded by our medicinal flowering plants, we were healthy, wealthy, peaceful, there was a surplus of everything, love , peace, care, concern. Onam is a recalling that if we are again what we were our surplus that is an embodiment of Maveli will come again and not for a little while but stay with us always. The flower carpets tell us how colourful our surroundings are, hidden in those vast stretching fields and wild valleys are an array of vibrant and beauty. It is a chance to get together with our family and creating an impact that we are not to split up into nuclear selves but to stay together and making each day worth living. Onam is the reminder of plenty that we did experience once and yearn to experience again but fail to keep up forever, probably because of our own selfishness.

    Maveli naadu vaaneedum kaalam maanusharellarumonnu pole. A time that saw every people equal way different from what the world is now.

    An ideal dream that we have to make a reality but we are never going to do it as we care only for ourselves. Hence onam hits the hearts of Kerala every year reminding us of the ideal state we are destined to create but always fail to do so.

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    Win over devil is the principal message of onam festival. Wishing You a happy Onam.

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    I don't agree Bipin with the winning over devil. This is entirely my point of view but if the devil be according to mythology the Rakshasa King Mahabali. Thinking on the bright side he was a well wisher to his people. Now if thinking otherwise Mahabali was actually a South Indian king and his dethronement by the new white race Aryans is what the mythology suggests secretly, he was stripped off his land in the North and confined to rule in the South. This is the decoding of metaphores in our scriptures. Devil but if you consider in a different way it could mean the devils that reside in man like lying , cheating, selfishness, jealousy and so.
    Personally I believe the festival aims at bringing back the oneness and culture among the people and to spread love . Anyways. Happy Onam

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    @ Gayathri.Jayakumar, Your opinion is really great. Onam festival is really great festival for bring our family and relative with us. The main aim of Onam festival is to create big entertainment with our family and friends. Lots of movies also released in theaters, my Kerala friends don't miss latest mohanlal movie and allu arjun movie for Onam festival.

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    Onam brings a smile on the face of every keralite. Its like a rush of adrenalin in our nerves, ever year onam is celebrated with lots of joy aspiration and warmth. This year too i wish all a happy and prosperous onam.

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