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    Children of Kerala has got Onam gift as avoiding of beat in classroom

    Kerala school students has got a surprise Onam gift in the form of avoiding beat in class. The educational director has announced the order of avoiding beat in the class. The director has also demand that under any circumstance, class is not free without teachers. He has given these guidelines for all the principals. The action is taken under the complaint given to educational minister by Philip M Prasad, president of the Maduram Balyam association. Anyway this will be a great news for school children.
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    Yes, Its really great news for children. Now a days education is going in wrong way. Because students cannot get that much of knowledge from schools or college because teaching method is not so good compare to previous days. Some improvement needs in teaching method.

    Another thing is that teachers should have focus and concentrate each and every students in class but he is focusing some good quality students only get higher marks. So, We need some changes in educational system. Today is Independent day august 15, So I hope our ministers will make some changes in this independent day.

    Anyway thanks Shafeer V U for sharing this wonderful news here.

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    It was a wonderful news for childrens. Compared to previous years there is a change in attitude of teachers. Maths teacher with a beating stick in hand is now mere a memory. Today teachers are not beating students that much.

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