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    Tomorrow is Atham, the starting day of Onam celebrations.

    In Kerala everybody celebrates Atham as the starting day of Onam celebrations. 'Atham Pathinu Ponnonam' (Onam the tenth day from Atham) is the saying.

    Atham is celebrated at Thrippunithura, known as 'Atha chamayam'. Earlier it was the Kochi King who was arranging the celebrations. Now it is the Municipality and the Thrippunithura temple. Government also help

    Celebrations include a procession in which floats, different native art forms, children in different costumes, etc. will be there. Thousands participate in it.

    Also the annual festival of Thrikkakara temple (where Vamana moorthy is the idol) starts on Atham day.
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    Onam is a traditional festival of Kerala celebrated from the very olden days. Onam is basically Hindu religious festival. But every people celebrates it in various places. It is celebrated in Malayalam month, chingam on the day 'Thiruvonam'. People celebrates this festival by arranging 'pookkalam' with colourful and variety of flowers from the day 'Atham' to 'Thiruvonam'. Generally we say 'Atham pathinu Ponnonam' because 'Thiruvonam' comes as the 10th day from 'Atham' but in this year 2012 Thiruvonam comes as 9th day from Atham. It is believed that our old king 'Mahabali' comes to see and bless his people every year on Thiruvonam day. Onam is a festival of joy and unity. Every members of the family gets together to celebrate Onam. On Thiruvonam day, lots of delicious dishes are prepared and served with Payasam and also engages in various games .

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