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    2012, Monsoon - weak year

    Kerala depends on monsoon, especially the South - west Monsoon. Not only for agriculture but drinking water, electricity, etc. are also depending on it. We, the Kerala people have the habit of taking bath everyday, and some of them twice a day. Neatness is something which we are sought after (Unfortunately, many forget about the society as such, by throwing their waste into other people's compound or common places !).
    Any way things will be going to be difficult if the monsoon stay back.
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    Make the cloths neat, and houses and working places also.

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    Thankyou T.M.Sankaran for sharing this wonderful news here. This is really good information for spiderkerala website.

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    This was the first weakest monsoon I had ever seen. My mom also said the same thing about this year monsoon. Usually June - July months were full of rains, we can't even step out from our house. Daily I used to get fully wet while going to school and returning from school. But this year rainfall was very less. This year we got rainfall around 10 to 15 days only. Compared to previous years rainfall it's very very less this year. This will lead to severe problems in future. Drought will come to us very soon. AS rainfall is too low, it will effect electricity generation and we will face long duration power cuts soon. Irrigation processes will face difficulty and production of goods will reduce which will results in price hike. The only reason for this happenings are we only. Deforestation, Air pollution etc are the main reasons for the reduction in rainfall.

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    Considering the monsoon days elapsed this year (from 1st June to 22 August) there is an average deficit of 34% rain fall so far. Looking at the district-wise figures the deficit is more in Wayanad district (60%).Kasargod shows the minimum deficit (22%).Coastal districts in North Kerala received better rainfall comparatively. In the capital district the shortage is 50%.
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