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    Prime minister will inaugurate foundation of Kochi metro

    Kochi metro is the dream project of Kerala government. Prime minister Sri Manmohan singh will inaugurate foundation of Kochi metro on September 13. The function is scheduled at 9.30 am. The ministry meeting held on last Thursday has made the decision to invite Prime Minister Manmohan Sing for the great function. Chief Minister Oomenchandy has added that prime minister will also inaugurate Emerging Kerala program. Prime minister will also inaugurate 50th year celebration of journalist union.
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    Kochi metro will be a golden achievement for the development of Kerala. Our Kochi is going to the standard of a 'metro' city. It will help people of Kochi to travel fast avoiding the traffic blocks. But what about other cities? We dont have good roads here. Isn't it the duty of the government to make gutter free roads? Hope they will do.

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    After long expectations of people, the Cochin metro rail is going to inaugurated by Hon. Prime minister of India, Dr. Manmohan singh. This will be a great project in the Kerala as it helps to reduce the traffic of Cochin Corporation. Moreover, this will also leads to the development of Cochin. In present condition, the development of Kerala is depends on various infrastructural projects like, metro, smart city etc. So it is very important to start the project as soon as possible. The Cochin metro will mainly undertaken by Delhi Metro Corporation, which under the leadership of brilliant engineer E. Sreedharan. He is from Kerala and initiated so many projects in India. The metro railway will be useful to local peoples within the city. Because, there people will get an opportunity to reach their target locations without any traffic bocks. The main credit of this project is going to present government of Kerala government.

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    Cochin is already well developed place in Kerala. So surely cochin will get more development by this foundation of Kochi metro. We must say to thanks for prime minister for this new development plans in Kerala as well as all other states.

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    Yes is a developed city & good to see regarding the Metro. Now CM should take care of Kannur to develop so that we can earn lot through tourisem . As Kerala is a god own country. We and all people of Kerala should try to develop our state. If malayalee can develop Dubai . Why cant we develop KERALA. Pepole of Kerala are very talented hence they can survive in any place. Hence we all should try our best to improve our state & should learn from our state.
    K K Manoj Kumar

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    Yes,it will be a great moment for us, malayalees.We will be proud of it.I had dreamed about metro trains and my dreams coming true. New Metro edition to kerala.I would like to travel in metro,once it is started.Thanks for all those who supported this project.

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    Kochi Metro project is to be inaugurated by the PM. It may be by placing a foundation stone or something else. Kochi Metro can be inaugurated only after the completion of the work, my be four or five years after.
    I am not yet clear in what way this is going to add to the development of the city. Of course, easy and speedy transportation will be guaranteed with this. From the trend of our people, especially those who possess vehicles, travel in them and park near the boarding point of the metro train. Hundreds of such vehicles will cause definitely a problem of parking. Again, many who are to travel as part of their duty will take their vehicle to the city, and many such people are there. Then what about the city buses? Several such issues are to be looked into together with the introduction of metro.

    Gold Member, SPK

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