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    Rice production trend in Kerala

    People of Kerala prefer rice or rice preparations as their staple food. Lunch and supper of most are rice. For breakfast also they prefer iddali, dosa, puttu, appam, etc. all rice preparations. Recently, parotta, chappathy, poori, etc. have started replacing these.

    Production of rice in Kerala is showing decreasing trend since last five to six decades. In 1961-62 the production of rice was 10.04 lakh tonnes. The same in the year 2010 -11 has become 5.28 lakh tonnes. Similarly the area under cultivation also has come down drastically from 7.52 lakh hectares to 2.13 lakh hectares.

    It is interesting to note that the productivity has increased during the same period, from 1,334 to 2,452 kg per hectare.
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    You are right sir. We are gradually changing into consumers from producers ( or I should say already changed!). We only prefer white collar jobs. Farmers have no value in our society. If there will be a lorry strike, then we dont have vegetables, rice, even flowers for onam. Due to the rise in population area available for agriculture is reduced to a great extend. The farmers cannot get the real value of their products.

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    T.M.Sankaran, Thanks for sharing this wonderful news here. I am from Tamilnadu, here also we are mostly using rice as a breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In my home, my mother is daily cooking rice only. It really making bore for me. Its great news for me that Kerala peoples are changing their food items as parotta, chappathy, poori etc. I hope in my home also food itmes will changes as well as Tamilnadu.

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    @Santhosh, Kerala people always support rice food. Porotta, Chappathy etc are not traditional Kerala food. In my point of view Shankarn sir not supporting the change of food items in Kerala. He has indicated the decrease in production of rice in Kerala. According to reports Porotta is not at all good for health. If we think about our health, its better to use rice.

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    You are right Mr.Shafeer. Parotta is not at all a welcome choice. As you said people have started to avoid taking this food item. The hotel people have started preparing wheat parottas in place of atta parotta. This indicates people are cautious about their health. The present parotta is not at all a healthy food.
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    Yes, you are right Shafeer V U. Porotta is not good for health but I want to eat some different food which is not unhealth. Thats why I am expecting some different food instead of rice. Here rice is really very bore for me. Always eating rice only.

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    The main reason behind the lifestyle diseases like hypertension, cholesterol etc is the unhealthy food habits. Now people are considering only the taste of food and not its quality or nutritional value. There is a marked increase in the number of people who eat food from the hotel. Most of them prefer Chinese food, which is not supplimenting any nutrition instead making some complications in the stomach. The recent news shows that many hotels are preparing food in an unhygienic condition. They are only doing their business and forgetting to serve people. Eating our home-made food is always the best. It is sufficient to meet the nutritional requirements of our body.

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    @Aswin Sreedhar , Thank you for share your wonderful knowledge here. Every country having health minister, whey they don't care about health foods ? Each individual person must aware about unhealthy food then only they will spread awareness between people.

    Country needs good knowledge person like you Aswin. Keep spreading awareness. Once again, thank you for share your knowledge here.

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    everybody is leaving agriculture now.Nobody finds any profit in this business.

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