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    Kerala state education

    I would like to know about Kerala government politics and Education. I already heared about Kerala state Education. Kerala people are well educated people. All people in Kerala having good communication skills and leadership quality and all.

    But I have some doubt about Kerala state Politics, I am from Tamilnadu, here always some political problems are happening. Just , I want to know any other regular problems are happening in Kerala or not. Please anyone answer for this forum thread.
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    Kerala is well known for education. Kerala is one of the states in India gained complete literacy. Anyhow Kerala is often affected due to strike and political issue. But it will not go over uncontrolled state. What ever happen that dislikes for opposition party usually results in Harthal or Bandh. Now day's people of Kerala have celebrated harthal as their festival. Since Harthal days are giving holiday for them. Kerala government has always tries to take appropriate steps for improving educational quality as well as development in our state. But who ever ruling the state, opposition will oppose the development in some extent, because they feel something bad on it. However, in some extent the criticism is good, because it will help to take good path for the ruling government.

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    I may be excused for pointing out certain mistakes in the language used in the posting.
    It would have been 'education in Kerala State'.People itself is plural, hence usage of 'peoples' is wrong.It is used when referring to people of different countries, sometimes (Like peoples of India and Pakistan).
    In the response, Mr. Shafeer writes "Kerala is well for education", is it 'Kerala is well known for education'?

    Gold Member, SPK

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    Thank you sir, hope your help in the future too correcting our mistakes.

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    Thank you Shafeer V U and T.M.Sankaran for respond to my forum message. Every states having some political issues but whatever education should be improved in all other states.

    Once again, thanks

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    Yes, Kerala is well known for education. Don't doubt about that. People in Kerala are getting better education. They want their smart future and our nation's pride improving with them.

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    Yes, My dream is that every children should get good education, not only in Kerala. So government should take some special action for improving educational quality of one State. Let us try to make some awareness between youngsters.

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    First of all in kerala 100% people are educated & ready to work in any place. This working style keep all the kerala people in demand. We have good people, good climate. That is the reason we all say GOD own Country. This is a best place for HOLIDAY. People are very helpfull. YOU come to our place & see the differnce.
    K K Manoj Kumar

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    Its a shame that being an Indian you doubt on the presence of political issues in one of its states! I thought Tamilians would be aware of our politics at least in concern to the Mullaperiyar issue! There can be no chance that a state in India be devoid of political issues. Honestly the politics all around the world have been mutated and polluted to such extend that one cares not for the welfare of the people but are busy scrutinizing their opponents and digging out any negatives they could bring out. Even though when they announce doing something good for the public it has reached such a point that we have to first check their personal gain over the matter and only then think how good is it for us. Politics nowadays is just a reason to excel their opponent party and to get into conspiracies.

    As for your interest in our educational system I am proud of being a part of it even as a student. Its amazing how the Government of Kerala strives to bring out and perfect one's latent potentials. The system have been modified such brilliantly that no student are excluded from activities that tend to mold out bold and active students confident in one's potentials. The Ministry of Education have always been a golden feather on the Government's hat. It is worth mentioning how the scholarships and concessions even for transportation unloads one of heavy expenses. The Government also makes sure that even the backward and the downtrodden gain their share of education.

    Yet, no system can be perfect and that's a universal law. For every negative there is a positive and vise-verse . This, Newton have scientifically proved years back that "Every action has an equal and opposite reaction" , same goes for politics all around the world and hence in Kerala too.

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    It is good that opinions are posted in these columns by those who have something to say about education and politics.
    As far as Kerala is concerned it has established as one of the leading States in the matter of both education and politics.

    Though the present Kerala State came into being only in 1957, just fifty five years back, the modern education came into being more than hundred years back. It was three States then, Thiruvithancore, Kochi and Malabar (a district under the then Madras State). In all these three States colleges started functioning in the beginning of 19th century itself. Schools started functioning still earlier.

    It was Kerala State which became the first State to become completely literate.
    Political activities were also started very early. Kerala was the State to vote to power a Communist lead Government, perhaps first in the world political history (another small country is there which did the same earlier). Even now several political experiments are continuing in this State.

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    It is true that Kerala have always attempted experiments in political fields but the experiments in the educational field is also noteworthy. The government have taken keen interest in shaping up a near to perfect system that engages in it teachers as well as students maintaining an equilibrium in the system.Introduction of the semester system even though have caused problems in the academic level, it seems to support the extra curricular activities the students are fond of. The students oriented system is also impressive where the student does more work with the help of the teacher, both in collaboration hence helping the students to understand what they learn and to maintain their memory levels.

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    Yes, you are right. I found lots of brilliant students in Kerala. I think government is taking lots of special steps for improving their educational system. It will give more opportunity for Kerala Students. If this educational system improves then India will get lots of development by this opportunity. I would like to say Students must get some practical knowledge as well as theoretical knowledge. Because some students are lack of knowledge in practical steps. I want every states Should get good educational system in India. Thanks my all SPK friends for respond here.

    @Gayathri.Jayakumar, I know very well about political issues and education activities in Some States. But I wanna know Some more details about political issues in Kerala. So always tamilans are great in knowledge. Here I am running one Social Organisation which is called Granix. Here I am working for some development of Each states.

    Santhosh Kumar.A

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    We can all see that we all give importance to education.Because of this in kerala , Child Labour is not present. If you see other state Labour Department is having full of work , to check the child labour.And our people and govt are good when compare to other states.
    Apart from this we have to learn all the other good thing from other state. On a daily basis we should try to improve ...improve..

    K K Manoj Kumar

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    Good to know that people do take interest in doing something good. Although everyone yearns to do something worthy in their life most people get trapped in their own hectic schedules.

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    @ k k manoj kumar , Its really interesting. Yes, you are right, we can learn many good things from Other states. We should not fight with each states in India. We should behave like friends and share our knowledge and sources to all other states. Then India will be more rich Country than Other Countries.

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    Spiderkerala has given a chance to make friend like you and all other members. We are not only sharing over knowledge but also making new friend on a daily basis and at the same time earning bread and butter for us. Thanks a lot again to spiderkerala for giving us a chance through this.

    I wish all the best to all the new member and existing member . I see all the age group participating in this spiderkerala. We can see a senior citizen T.M.Sankaran avtivitely participating in this spiderkerla.

    It is good the very get lot of chance to learn from elder. I want to know who is spiderkerala director.

    K K Manoj Kumar

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    @k k manoj kumar, All spider Network website's dirctor is Tony John Sir. He is founder of all spider technology website.

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    Now i know who is the creator of Spdierkerala. Thank santosh for the update. If any new update regarding the spiderkerala pls update us. So that update our knowledge & progress in our undertaking. I want to see that we all will grow together. And when we reach 1,00,000 member lets ask a party from Tony John. We should have a get together & should meet our BOSS.
    K K Manoj Kumar

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    @k k manoj kumar, your idea is really great. But Active members are within 10 members only. So 1,00,000 registered members are not useful for us. We need some active and smart person. Surely Tony sir will give big party for us when Spider Kerala reaches big development in all over Indian website. I hope spiderkerala will reached its complete development oneday. Let us see manoj. Whatever, we can concentrate on keep posting our quality articles here.

    Santhosh Kumar.A

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    Its really great and interesting when peoples are showing their interest in education and politics. Thank you all my spider Kerala friends who all are respond here.

    Santhosh Kumar.A

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