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    Direction of the development of Kerala

    Kerala State, compared to other States in the country, is far ahead in various developmental indices. In economic growth also it is in front. But all these are not sustainable, since it is not based on production.

    Development is not merely economic growth, it is a growth in totality of a society. It should take care of the health of all, the freedom to work, security of life, human rights and the gender equality. Every section of people should get the benefits of development.

    Now the plan is to go for huge projects which attract the private investors. The projects are proposed under Public Private Participation (PPP) model. Here the public participation is nothing but providing natural resources and land. No attention is given to the environmental disasters that are resulted when these projects are implemented.

    Attention is not given to attract people to improve agricultural production, to reduce Kerala's dependence on other States for food related items, to contain contagious diseases, to reduce and manage waste, to bring down environmental destruction and to similar other issues.

    Hence it has become imminent to have a different approach to development of this State.
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    T.M.Sankaran, Thankyou for share your wonderful knowledge here.

    Your definition of development is perfect and great one. If you expect development of one state then each person have to get development. Then only one state will get perfect development.

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