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    Is there a guarantee in Kerala that we live after feasting on fast food?

    Its been a burning issue in our state that our eyes fail to notice what we eat! How safe is the fast food in Kerala! Its been appalling that we have been blind foldedly munching on poison and fungus. Yuck that send up a surge from my stomach. I'm sure you eye have hooked at the news on the very healthy non veg rice that now we get for sale. Chicken seems to be out of fashion...Rats are becoming more common in our feasts! Gross I know but you have to face the truth. God's own country feeds on fungus and rodents day by day. Yes even the thought drives me dizzy. Each time we rush out of our house yelling that mother or you can take for instance your wife has cooked something worth not your taste and rush out to feast on the yummy menue's in your nearby bakery or hotels I entreat that you request them to produce the list of ingredients used that you can ask your mother or wife to flavor up your meals with the same type of wiggly worms that the hotel has used! I remember my mother throwing a whole packet of banana chips away into fire as even our dog was not ready to eat them. It even had a fried cricket and parts of a cockroach in it and the stale smell of kerosene. But honestly it made a good fuel in our chulha.

    Only one request to my fellow malayalees. Each time you feast on fast food keep your senses in attention. A better way would be to appreciate what your wife or mother cooks at home since you do not want to feed on, hate to repeat this but still. Worms or lizards or whatever you wont even dream of eating.

    Anyway Kerala. Try to eat healthy and live healthy.
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    Yes, True that Kerala is full of food poisoning now. One way to protect us is to make sure that good quality standard food we are going to eat.

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    @ Gayathri.Jayakumar, Thanks for sharing your opinion here. Your thoughts are really impressive. You are right, Fast foods are attracting people. Now a days most of peoples are eating fast foods and foods in hotels only. The main reason is that they are attracting by taste and stylish look of that fast foods. But they are not thinking about health problem by that foods. So, we must concentrate for healthy foods instead of tasty foods. Unhealthy Fast food problem is not only in Kerala, its already spread in many states. I am from Tamilnadu, here also it got famous.

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    But its a real shame that we fail to recognize the use of ajinomoto in foods that increases the taste of almost any food by high degrees. It makes food worth eating for the tongue but unfortunately not for our body. Check in any hotels where you find good food and ask the chef what makes the food special he would surely say the term ajinomoto doubtlessly. It's a real credit to our mothers and wives who prepares for us delicious dishes that tastes special not by adding ajinomoto in it but lots of love. Live to appreciate those good little servings of love than rather shouting on every extra bit of salt that makes you lose your temper.

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    Now days hotels foods are making lots of bad and new type of diseases for us. We must stop eating foods in hotels. Off course we can eat in hotel when we cannot prepare in home due to some reason. But we should not eat hotel foods in regular basis.

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