Thiru Onam Bumper Lottery Tickets 2012

Do you want to know about Thiru Onam Bumper Lottery Tickets 2012 and its prize details? Please check out here. The Onam Bumper Lottery Tickets 2012 is one of the greatest news for people of Kerala and they can enjoy all the funs along with their festival.

Thiru Onam Bumper Lottery Tickets 2012 details

For this Onam festival, the lottery tickets sales are very hot in the Kerala market. If you hear about the bumpers total prize amount mean you will get shock. Yes, the total bumper prize amount is Rs 20 Crore. So every day the lottery sale became high. Winner can get totally Rs 20 Crore which is really great experience and opportunity for Kerala peoples.

Bumper Lottery First Prize is 1 Kg Gold and Cash amount of Rs 5, 00, 00,000. Why are you still waiting, you can get ticket and win the prize offer soon. This is really great chance for Kerala peoples for this 2012 Onam festival.

"The 2012 bumper lottery ticket sales opened at the date of July 6. The ticket will be drawing on September 7 as per the scheduled. Sellers are expecting 1.50 lakh tickets sales per day. 30 lakhs tickets are bought by many other Kerala peoples as per the last year report. So sellers are expecting more buyers than the previous years. That is why the sellers have decided to sell more than 54 lakh tickets.

The lottery department has printed up to 36 lakh tickets, now recently 23 lakh tickets were bought by the Kerala people; it's really great news for lottery ticket department. So, they have decided to print more tickets for Kerala peoples. Based on lottery ticket rules, out of those 36 lakhs lotteries, six bumper lotteries alone will be announced with bulk money, and so, this year also 6 members will bag the bumper money, certainly. The 2012 Onam lottery ticket cost is Rs.200. Totally 54 lakh tickets was bought by Kerala peoples, so totally Rs. 20.45 crore profit for lottery ticket department and sellers. The agents profit for this lottery ticket selling is totally Rs.1.88 crore as per the report and the status will be varying in every year.

Total lottery ticket agents in Kerala is that 35,000 and they are the only authorized agents who got permission from the government. Total lottery ticket retail sellers in Kerala is that 100,000 retail sellers. Lottery tickets will change the life style of the ticket winners and help to improve poor people's life style. Kerala is first state selling lots of lottery tickets in India and they have established in the year of 1967. Many people have benefited a lot by this bumper lottery tickets.