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    Kerala and waste management issues

    People of Kerala are always conscious about cleanliness and health. Generally they take a bath at least once in a day. Their homes are kept neat and tidy. In spite of all these they are not bothered about the cleanliness of their surroundings. They are not ashamed of throwing their waste outside on the road side. Even well educated and well placed persons show the tendency of throwing the waste collected in a bag on the road side, while traveling in their vehicle.

    Even if authorities have schemes to collect waste from the houses certain people do not cooperate. Neither do they take any step to manage their waste themselves.
    People must take more cooperative attitude towards this waste issue, then only we can claim we are in a civilized society.
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    If people are throwing waste on the road. Govt should put fine on such people as they do in US. When they can keep the house clean , why can't they keep the surrounding clean. Let start from our area & spread to whole of the world. Cleanliness should start from home , school& spread to other area.
    Mr.T.M.Sankaran your topic is good. please continue you work. You have a wonderfull ideas. Keep going & Rock all the malayalees.

    K K Manoj Kumar

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    Its not a surprise that the topic found space for discussion in spiderkerala. Government have already passed rules and fines to those who dispose waste by the roadside its just that because people don't leave their contact address when they do such a deed regardless of the public the police find it difficult to trace them, or at least that is what they say. Its been a burning issue in our college since the students have to walk the highway to reach our college from the bus stand and we often have to dodge those big plastic kits torn on one side and dogs pulling at the spilling chicken waste and beef intestines. It is terrible to see this every single morning. This happens not that no one cleans the highway side. Our student parties and NSS camps have more than once cleared the roadside placing banners and placards requesting to obviate the situation, yet the waste keep appearing and disastrously multiplying every single day.

    Its gross when it rains as the water flows down the road and we have to suffer when the vehicles splash this smelly worm wriggling dirty water that washes all these waste all over us.

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    Your comments are welcome. But I feel that basically it is the duty of every citizen to see that his surroundings are kept clean. NSS or any such voluntary organization can attend to these activities only occasionally. (I had to function as NSS Programme Officer for about 11 years while I was in service).

    The best way to find solution to this waste problem will be decentralised treatment of waste. This waste can easily be converted into useful and rich manure. There are different methods for doing the same.Windrow composting, vermi composting, pipe composting, biogas production, etc. are some such techniques. Every household can choose whichever is suitable for them. Result will be converting the waste into wealthy manure.

    One can start a small kitchen side vegetable garden and make own vegetables, if land is available. Those who have terrace, the same can be used for vegetable gardening.Thus one can guarantee good vegetable, organically grown.

    Gold Member, SPK

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    Energy production from organic waste is now not an imagination but a reality. Hotels and restaurants will benefit from such energy conversion methods if implemented. The organic waste from such enterprises can be utilized for energy production which will cover up at least a quarter portion of their energy expenses. And if these methods were implemented by such enterprises we can be sure that the public would benefit from it too. It will surely reduce the dumping of organic wastes by the roadside.

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