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    Why do keralities shine outside ?

    One important question in my mind ... I have seen lot of malayalees shine in other places . But not in the home town. Why ? . We all are working hard to develop other state . Why can't we do for our own state.

    Is it possible to give a Good shape to Kerala.
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    Only one possible answer. Lack of opportunities in Kerala. And here in Kerala haven't you noticed how much competition is there in the field! All work hard but only those who gain privileges from the government or high officials or the safest yet costliest play, by bribing achieves their lot. In other places to be honest we never face such competitions as all we have to do is to excel ourselves. Even when it comes to communicative skills no one in India is as conscious as a Keralite in grammar and sentence formation which obviously wins us our fair lot.

    Our state also faces one great threat, Brain drain!! Its a pity that we don't recognize our states need for us. We are already prejudiced that in Kerala there are no opportunities and even if we get any there are still going to be hurdles that prevent us from earning our rightful salary. Its all up to our own systems to negate these prejudices but then no one tries to do so.The recent dilemma in the PSC postings and examinations and how they fail to make avail the empty posts to fresh candidates is the best example why we lack confidence and potential in our own state.

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    Thanks for the reply. But we all should try to change the present style. Pls wakeup all the people of kerala.
    K K Manoj Kumar

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    let do something through Spiderkerala
    K K Manoj Kumar

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    Spider Kerala is trying of course but it is also up to the government to make people trust in it.

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    Ok let hope for good.Let see want Govt can do.
    K K Manoj Kumar

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    Government is after implying new policies and getting into foreign deals that show us colorful dreams but will like every other of such instances turn out to be a disaster who knows! It would have been better that they first focused on the current issues and making more efficient every departments and meeting the rightful needs of the public.That would have been a much effective and easier way to gain our trusts.

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    Hi Gayathri /other

    Pls provide step by step suggestion on the above question.

    K K Manoj Kumar

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    But whatever Our India will be developed by Kerala people if they shine out from Other state. We should consider all state as our state. We can work for India instead of working Own states. Of course you can do hardwork in your state also because its also make some development for India. We should not fight with each others because all states are consider as India.

    Jai Hind. We will make Lots of opportunites for all peoples in all States if we consider as Indian.

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    Yes , we should work of India....... Yes let develop our own state, so that we can create more chance to people. Let teach other , how to grow..... As i can see you are talented with more ideas. Why should we fight ? I mean to say when our people are going out of India and capable to bring lot of project to other countries. Why can't we do for our own place.
    K K Manoj Kumar

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    Yes, We should bring more opportunities for India. When Individual person get development then automatically India will be developed.

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    One i was travelling in the train , one of the co passenger friend is working in USA . The person who is working in USA want to come to kerala . What he has done is .......he put all his effort to bring a branch in Calicut. Presently he is in USA & set his branch office in Kerala. Hence providing chance to keralities . So in near future he can come and settle in kerala. Many people are in top level in many company, hence we all should try and improve out state.

    Kerala govt is also playing vital role in this a Airport in Kannur...This is a good progress. spicejet has come forward with flight from different location Hyderabad to calicut. We are all greatfull of spiceject. As regards Bus Service Kalada also does a wonderfull job. Hyd - Bangalore - Mysore - Calicut . This will not only safe time but also bring more opportinities to our state.

    Other thing is Tourist should be more care to increase more revenue. As it is the gods own country.

    K K Manoj Kumar

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    Well, tourism is the main sector that brings most of the revenue to entire India. As for developing and working for one's nation I believe that people should first of atleast take their jobs as a service and not as someway you could fill in your pockets with.People all over the world focus on being rich and hence service comes in a price of bribery.

    When I said that the government should first fulfill its empty promises and improve every department i'm sure there needn't be any further clarification as we all know well the amount of promises made and the very countable few that has been fulfilled. As for improving every department, improving its efficiency by employing more staff and introducing learned personnel providing them the aid of new technologies and clearing every issues at a faster rate that dragging over matters and papers caught under red tapism, there is so much to improve and yet the focus is on how to start new enterprises.

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    @Gayathri.Jayakumar , you are right, All governments are only giving empty promises and they are not even bring simply improvement for particular cities. They are just earning by politics. But we cannot change political issues in single minutes. It needs some time when strong youngsters come to politics.

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    I can remember when we see the Budget for the Year by Railways, Finance minister. They make many thing in the budget, but if you only 50 % will be implemented. This is all becaause , as no one check whether it is implemented it or not.

    Hence i ask each malayaless to come & develop our state as we are all talented & can do this . Let all come together and develop our state first.

    K K Manoj Kumar

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    @k k manoj kumar you are exactly right. Governments are simply taking money from us. Not giving proper development for our city as well as India. They are tackling some financial issues by their power. They are mis using their power and knowledge in wrong way. k k manoj kumar, your point also correct, but development need some support from government, so they too should give some care on our state and cities. Then we can develop automatically by our knowledge.

    Santhosh Kumar.A

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    Corruption is innate to every human as everyone desires to live better and to gain more. Even when great stoical incarnations like Gandhi and Anna Hazare renounces whatever they can to fight against such evil it keeps on sprouting up like grass . It is necessary that we first restrict ourselves from such spurs. Fighting ourselves is the hardest thing that fighting against the whole world. But i really do wish that ministers start thinking what gains they could bring to the people who elected them than to think of the gains they could bring to themselves and their families. Politics have now become the safest game to play where the public becomes the game pieces.

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