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    Temples marketing God!

    Kerala have since ages been renowned on the diversities of its religions and cultures. Hinduism that gained a high esteem now shares equal position with the Islam and Christianity . Every religious rituals and rites of every religion had a specific goal not just towards moralizing the society but to spread love and to impart the ancient wisdom to its followers. Religion was also an influential figure in protecting our environment. But what have it become now!

    We are familiar with the common poojas and homams in Hindu religion. Ganapathi Homam being one of the most accepted offering to Lord Ganesha. It involves many steps that not just firing up incense and chanting mantras, it has a positive impact n our surroundings as well, but honestly how many of you have heard of aiswaryadhanalabdhi poojas and karyasidhi poojas that are rampant in the temple provinces nowadays. People when invest greatly for such rituals they don't realize that just like trademark advertisements for product temples have become mere products the temple authorities are trying to market! What are they marketing? God? God's grace? then how? Its been within a span of four or five years that such marketing have arose in temples. Even the idols fixed simply under a tree now stands decorated in the fifteen feet wide sanctuary of gold plated leaves and concrete pavements with electric lighting and tape recorder playing sprung musical albums praising the God or Goddess. This is how they market God!

    When you badly need something run to the nearby temple offer some 50,000 rupees arrange an instant homam or pooja , cry so that God will hear you and go in peace thinking that your money have won God's grace, if that was the case no millionaires and billionaires would ever face a hurdle and no poor man would have been uplifted by the divine grace. Our Religious beliefs have been greatly blinded and consumerism have affected even our devotion who ask for grace fit for the spent up money! Pollution is all around us and now inside us. The crudeness of our views have mutated our values and now our perspective to God.

    Realize that God never needs your money and he knows what's best for you and will give you the right thing at the right time. Now all that we are doing is to spend up our cash and where does it end up? No doubt in the pockets of the temple authorities. They glaze up the temple surroundings by the cheapest way possible and rest goes into their pockets. How could people be so thoughtless and bribe God who is the Epitome of truth!
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    Yes , You are right the temple are marketing.
    K K Manoj Kumar

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    @Gayathri.Jayakumar your information is really impressive. Your ideas are different than other. So, Now a days peoples are builded some Temples for hiding their black money. I have recently found this news from near by city. They managing team of temples are earning lots of money by marketing god. Its really bad news for us. Now a days people are ready to earn by use of god name. So people should aware on this type of cheating. So, let us wakeup from this kind of useless peoples.

    Santhosh Kumar.A

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    one way it is wrong ........other way we are giving employment to many to our people and many people of other state. Think if Ayyappa swamy temple was not present at kerala. Many would be unemployed. Because of this temple many are working and earning money. So in directly we are giving chance to earn money.

    Think in a positive manner . How kerala state is earning money. By way of tourists ......many people from other state come & visit the temple. Hence we get revenue through railways, etc.,

    See that our people are happy & get some opportunity to work & earn for family.

    K K Manoj Kumar

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    Yes you are correct. But its not a big think for employments in temples. Because they can get job from other field also. But temples are very essential for all states and all peoples. But some peoples are cheating by using temples. This is really bad news for us. Our India most famous and advantage is that temples because other country peoples are used to visit for India because of these traditional temples. Positive thoughts are filled in the temples, it is one of the scientifically true. So its one of the another advantage for this temple. So peoples should stop earning by use of god and its temples. Whatever I like to use temples and worship god. I never used to earning by the use of temples.

    Santhosh Kumar.A

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    Seriously you think this is a way of employing people? By selling God? By selling belief? I agree that Temples like Sabarimala are sources of income but concentrate on the fact that it is for the public. When a sabarimala season comes it is not us who benefit and here the question of benefit is null. Old temples have its own powers and rituals that no one can claim at. I exclude temples like the ambalapuzha temple, sabarimala tample, Guruvayur, Padmanabhi swami tample etc. They are renowned temples and a part of our history and culture. I would be defiling our culture if i were to comment on them such harshly . But my criticism clearly goes to those new temples you find emerging in every junction and corners where no one can even think of attaining mental bliss

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    I would like to clarify myself that my post puts into question those temples that have sprout up only in the aim of marketing that brings in black marks when taken in general to our whole culture and tradition. When they market god by announcing that the temple arranges a new homam that is exclusively the power of the deity of the new found temple and honestly you would have never even heard of such a deity and that you register in for the pooja and they give a big explosive name for the new-found ritual how could one argue that they are not marketing?

    I have even in spiderkerala articles seen advertisements flashing by the side advertising the female deity temple if i remember right . I cant possibly think how people run after these new rituals introduced believing to be explained in the Upanishads or the Vedas which the temples now uses as cliche trademark slogans! How much withered have our culture gotten that we fail to recognize our relation with God and trust in those new temples and new rites and rituals we never even have heard of! No wonder people like Santhosh Madhavan emerge and if you ask me i would say that if Santhosh Madhavan flourished the only one to blame will be all those people who have visited him hoping to get redeemed by his advertised supernatural powers. Police should first arrest such people because only such presence of consumerism will spark in minds like Santhosh's the idea of taking advantage. People encourage and they market. High time you start trusting in God's real powers and stop bribing him for your gain. God is the embodiment of truth and there are no shortcuts to success.

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    Temples marketing God! what is this heading..Heading should have meaning.It should not create problem to other. Tomm you will say god. Select good topic and write.

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    Your ideas are different than other. So, Now a days peoples are builded some Temples for hiding their black money. I have recently found this news from near by city. They managing team of temples are earning lots of money by marketing god. Its really bad news for us. As per his words Govt is not doing , just sleeping a place someone is hiding money in TEMPLE..

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    Well what could be a much more apt title for the article? It says in brief what the article is about. when you have been busy tracing all my articles and commenting on my language it would be appreciated if you please check into your's first. And this is an increasing issue around us. Many of us leave them unnoticed when spiderkerala is a platform for articles on Kerala i believe the topic is well enough to be here.

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    Your title 'temples marketing God' needs a correction ?. People are marketing God and temples are being used as market place. As you put it even small stone like idols on a platform under a tree is now becoming temples with lots of constructions around it. Throughout Kerala one can see this. Look at Sabarimala. Compare the temple and its surroundings forty or fifty years back and the present. Now it is almost like a big township. Only thing is the access to this temple restricted to certain months/ days.

    Just travel from one end to another end of this State, several newly constructed temples could be seen. In this capitalistic society, one cannot expect to invest in such constructions unless some returns are there. So it has become a profit based business.

    Gold Member, SPK

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    Gayathri........Stop writing unwanted...hope you are matured...You are oversmart...What do you mean my Temple Marketing " you should have writing Church Marketing...........Pls do not use religion...Control your words... direct or indirect...other member are not fools ...just watch and see your unwanted comments.Remove her from spiderkerala.

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    Whew.... Religion still kicks up a lot of dust!!!! Amazing... that no other topic has had such serious discussion. First of all, congratulations to the author on selecting a topic which would generate so much interest. I would request folks who have been very vehement in their reactions to read the current or recent past best seller in the West 'Secrets'... which is nothing but the bible rehashed with the jesus factor eliminated. Inspite of all our advances in science and technology we men are mere mortals scared of death and all the other travails life awaits on us.. So we need a cure... Some choose the cure which has god thrown in.. others who prefer to be more scientific and logical prefer to call it the universal conscience or the collective mind.... So smart people dress up their version of the cure and market it.... And as anyhting else that is promoted successfully, there is a ROI. With the initiator dying, the fad dies down, with the followers hanging onto what ever is left of the original... If there is a good promoter among the follower BINGO !!! you have a cult...And once the cult gains momentum... you have RELIGION... So dont shout out Gayathri... look around and see for your self...Maybe we should look at the Garbage problem, than the temple issue...cos you have a choice as far as the temple is concerned..But do you have choice when someone dumps garbage just outside your wall at 2 past midnight!!
    So, wake let us discuss Trash.. :-)

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    Garbage problem have also found a place here sir. Check the article posted my T.M.Sankaran sir.

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