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    Conversion of paddy fields on the increase in Kerala

    Majority of people in Kerala used to depend on agriculture and related activities for a living. Rice cultivation was their major occupation. But now the picture is changing. Paddy fields are being converted and residential and commercial buildings are being constructed. For constructing roads, play grounds, aerodrome, etc. also paddy fields are widely filled up.

    It is under this context the Honourable High Court of Kerala has reacted in strong words about this issue. The Court comments that 'even God cannot save this God's own country if this trend is continued'. If necessary actions are not taken immediately by the authorities concerned, there will be nothing to hand over to the coming generations. Though rules exist for the conservation of Wet lands, these illegal conversions are done by mis- interpretation of the same or by overcoming the clauses with artificial means.

    Under this condition everybody must be aware of this and refrain from converting paddy fields for other purposes.
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    you are saiding the truth.majority of the persons are donot come in to the cultivation field is because of loss of money.paddy fields is a major area of affecting this.

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    Paddy fields were once an asset to each family. If one cannot own it , working in one was as dignified a labor as owning it, yet what has paddy fields become now! Levelling of fields is a common sight these days. We want more place to claim our wealth on and the only way is vandalize such a marshy surrounding. What do ensure? Health? Hygiene? Aesthetics? Can that dry barren leveled up land ever match up to the grandeur and beauty of a paddy field in full bloom? Never, but we who were the large scale producer, an agrarian state now falls into the deep clutches of the west implemented system of consumerism. At that is what leads us guilt free after leveling such ecosystem that defined our state, culture and tradition once. It is consoling at this point that the government chooses to react on such issues and have acted accordingly to obviate such wiping out of our agrarian traces.

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    Paddy field is now using in other purposes. Its really bad new for us. Government never take step on this. They will never react for this issues. They will only react if they got any benefit from that. So, We should not trust our government for these type of issues.

    Our Kerala is best place for producing paddy and all other agriculture. Now a days agriculture is really decreasing by change of lots of technology development. For example, Most of youngster don't have interest to do agriculture. Our India was developed by agriculture only but now a days agriculture is destroying slow by slow. If this changes occur then agriculture field will be completely destroy in our all states in India. So, We have to make awareness on development agriculture and its benefits for own country.

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    I may be allowed to supplement some more facts.

    The number of unemployed is more in Kerala. As per the reports available in 2011 it is about 16.7% of the population. The number of those who have registered for jobs in the Employment Exchange comes to 43.42 lakhs. Out of this 3.08 lakhs are either degree holders or more qualified.

    The statistics of those who work in agriculture field shows a decline from 1971 to 2001. Out of the total workers 48% was in in agricultural field in 1971, which has reduced to 22% in 2001.The number of farmers also has reduced drastically, 11,06,663 in 1971 has become 7,24,155 in 2001. Corresponding numbers of agricultural labourers are 19,08,114 and 16,20,851 respectively.

    The number of those who work in other sectors have increased from 32.02 lakhs to 79.39 lakhs.

    Gold Member, SPK

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    In today world , We can see Kerala people are employed more when compared to other states. Now a day people are ignoring agriculture because of the hardwork involved in that. But if this continuee , it would be difficult to see agricultural products. And at the same time cost of the product will increase.

    We have to depend on other states or countries for our food. I do not know why people are after money. People should understand not money , but happines is more important than that.

    K K Manoj Kumar

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    People prefer only white collar jobs these days. The system of the child following the father's profession has been gone for long. It is just that every parent wants to make a doctor or engineer out of their child regardless of the child's wishes and dreams. This has caused such increase in population of doctors and engineers and lack of placements for these immense number of professionals that we can hardly cross a road without bumping on one of these doctors or engineers. This has brought terrible loss to our youth as the meaning of living have now shrunk only to earning for one's family and of status in the society. Dignity of labor are only headings in the primary school child's text book. This is the major cause that have brought in prejudice over the agrarian life. I'm not sure how much can this be changed for i am afraid this is irreversible!

    Yet hope sweeps upon me remembering a recent article in a magazine about 4 engineering students who have renounced their transparent opportunities in the field to enter into an agrarian life cultivating paddy. This is a path-breaking endeavor and i hope for more fall outs from the professional fields. After all where are we going to appoint all these doctors and engineers! And i know like Shakespeare's every character i have the answer myself, "send them abroad" , now that's our last resolve.

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