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    Where is Emerging Kerala taking us?

    Emerging Kerala, now hot on the topic have already started panicking, catching fire on the tail. The plans first tagged to be corrupt, then the controversy of the dropped projects reappearing in the official website, and what more should we tolerate than the plan of having nightclubs in Kerala! The media, the Western effect and now the effect of the North have already taken shades in Kerala lifestyle. The introduction of night clubs when in confluence with the changing culture of Kerala sounds fatal to the youth!

    Curiosity drives man forward ,but too much curiosity into completely implementing the west into our lifestyle and waiting to see what happens will surely leave our eyes closing tightly to avoid the result of our experiment.

    Most people agree to the fact that rethinking is highly necessary about many projects planned to be implemented under the Emerging Kerala title. I doubt how much would Kerala actually emerge after these projects.

    Under the pressure of the crumbling base of economy and the huge loads of unsettled debts, I am quite not sure where this is going to take us. Only one wish that this is a safe play and that there be some benefits .The rising controversies are anyway keeping the public in shadow of doubt and prejudice.

    Wishes that this comes up well and prove a benefactor to our unstable economy.
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    This is going to be a hide and seek game. Certain leaders of political parties and selected investors will create tie ups and make gains out of it. None of the proposed projects are going to improve the conditions of the poor in this state. Projects are neither people friendly nor environment friendly.
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    Sankarji yet these projects are a ray of hope of developing our state. Will there, ever be someone who thinks for the people other than themselves rising again in Kerala! I really wish for a change over of perspectives towards the public.

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    Sankaran & Gayathri have a lot of understanding. Gayathri article does not have meaning. Please check her article. I saw an article which does not have any meaning but was award point and accepted by spiderkerala.

    Please check article properly & give award.

    When we write it should have meaning.

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    please explain the meaning for the below:

    panicking catching fire on the tail. first tagged to be corrupt
    night clubs when in confluence
    Curiosity drives man forward but too much curiosity into completely
    that rethinking is highly necessary
    crumbling base of economy and the huge loads of unsettled debts I am.

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    The meanings are clear if you check into into it . I'm so sorry to say this but you seem to have taken the meanings the wrong way. When you read a sentence how can you expect to find meaning for just a part of it? The words I have used will give you the right meaning if you take your time and first find the meanings of the words confusing you.

    If you take just the phrase "panicking catching fire" you will understand nothing, but consider the whole sentence and only then will you find meaning.
    Do you want the explanation of " first tagged to be corrupt"! It means the whole project was accused of corruption, but I think it is already clear from the syntax.

    "night clubs when in confluence " means night clubs when combined with, but for you to understand with what is it combining with ,you have to take the whole sentence. How can one possibly understand an essay by considering only two or three words from it?

    You have to be more considerate while reading an article rather than acting a spitfire. If you are considering my language and style as meaningless you can actually say it in a much friendly manner.Please try to understand the correct meaning of words than simply guessing what it means. I understand the problems of missing comas at places but most of your doubts are simply because you break up the sentence at unnecessary places.

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    Now the 'festival' is over and the reports say that an investment to the tune of Rs. 40,000 crores are agreed upon by various investors who took part in the show of 'Emerging Kerala'.

    We are to wait and see how many will materialise out of this. And how these are going to improve the conditions of those who are in the bottom line (more than 20% of the population).

    Immediately after the session the Central Government have come out with a decision of diesel price hike, which, no doubt, will mostly affect the common people. Everything in the market (especially in Kerala market) highly depend on transportation facilities, the cost for the same will increase when the diesel price is hiked. Naturally the merchants will increase the price of every items, thereby forcing the poor to pay more.

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    Price hike has already pushed our budgets to the limits and now even when Emerging Kerala colours our skies with great hope and plans we still have to wonder on the side effects too.

    New markets emerging in the local levels tackle our indigenous goods so hard that our poverty rates increase rapidly. These new enterprises with colourful promises of education and development will only benefit the one's with the money.

    Who could even dream of a farmer getting employed in an IT Park! On the contrary , decisions to annihilate and vandalize our natural habitat to build in metal trees and infrastructures that will boost Kerala into the status of e-literacy and industrialization.
    But how can we go blind on our local resources and people when they suffer of alienation in the "e-world"?

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    I do agree and disgree with a lot of people who have logged their comments. But I really appreciate the fact that someone is really taking pains to check the standard of english used in the posts.
    Coming back to the Topic, When I was in my late twenties/ early thirties, The GIM or something with a similar nomenclature happened. Sporadic newscasts have vaguely informed the undersigned that most of the highly touted projects migrated to other states where the on ground situations were more congenial.
    Ifeel the same would happen in this version of the great investors circus... But as the old saying goes...every nation gets the government it deserves.
    With all its religious undertones, and vehement rightwing colors Gujarat surprises... (Please, I would request people who havent visited Gujarat not to yell at me) Today Gujarat is leading all other states in all indices which point to a booming economy, high standards of living etc, and funnily enough the economy of Gujarat is slowly growing up to the size of Singapore's economy. Now, the moot question is, are the minorities living in abject poverty in Gujarat? Are they shaking with fear? I ask anyone who has been to Gujarat to stand up and answer this question. Modi with all his defects have taken Gujarat so far forward that people hardly have time for disruptive activities. They are all busy making money.. and they dont crib about wheat cultivation or paddy cultivation. They dont sensationalise issues.. the administration there tackles issues at the ground level. A leader can make a difference.
    Let us wait and see whether this crop of leaders can make any difference to kerala, or whether this event is also going to be another big fraud perpetrated on the MALAYALI

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    Like i said, Politics is game of money and conspiracies. There is no politics without cheating on the least that is what have become of politics now! Hope is the only thing we can do without losing our mind and cash. So lets just hope for the best and not blindly trust on the drama.

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    I have not visited Gujarat, hence I am not competent enough to make any comment about that State. Nobody in Kerala will be against development.But the development of whom, that will be the question.

    Projects came into discussion, if implemented, may give employment to some thousands. It is to be welcomed. But at whose cost this is done. Displacement of several people from their original homes in the name of land acquisition, with only a meager compensation.

    Paddy fields are to be converted for commercial purposes. This is dangerous, not because it affects the rice production alone. Paddy fields have the capacity to retain rain water.As per estimates one square meter of paddy field will retain about one cubic meter of water. About one third of rain water is retained as ground water, which help us get drinking water in summer. One cannot substitute these types of services of paddy fields.

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