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    Rise of gold prices driving us insane!

    Gold is always notorious for driving people insane! A hindi poet Biharilal once commented in one of his dohas (couplet),

    "Kanak kanak the sau guni maadakatha adhikaay,
    ihi khaye baurayi jag uhi paye baurayi"

    Both the dhathura ( ummathin kaaya) and gold lures people yet their effects are the same, eat kanak ( dhathura ) and you go mad, gain kanak (gold) and the world goes mad. Both have the same effect, they drive man out of his mind .

    But look around to see what it does! now it lures us to crime! Every day the newspaper blackens the heading gold price at hike, Record rise, and you turn the page you see details of assaults on women and burglary and theft! What has world become is utter chaos and nothing else.people strive at one end trying desperately to make both ends meet and then swipes out all they have to bring in some bits of gold to their possession and the next minute they know they have been robbed!

    On one hand there are small sale jewelry shops selling in plated ornaments and on the other hand people lurking around to rob us off our precious possessions! The news of a price hike on gold have send out alert signals to every person living off on loot goods to keep watch on every bit of shiny yellow threads twisting around a lady's neck . But beware as crimes are rampant in our surroundings and no stranger can be tagged trustworthy. Price hike on gold have hence send up panic among the commoners to stick close to one's valuables.

    Its would on a normal point seem stupid to worry over one's life over the hike of gold prices. But what the day shows us is that today our life depends greatly on the price of gold we adorn too! Yes gold is once like driving us insane and now on a desperate attempt to show off our status but more important than that threatening our existence as such.
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    True that the gold price is roaring up daily. This never happened in the past, if I remember correctly. Daily twice or thrice the price is changing.
    But the interesting part of it is that still there are queues in jewellery shops. Not only that in Kerala, almost everyday, a new shop is opened in some town. It will be a branch of a well known shop already functioning in different cities.
    People are not worried about the high price of gold. They do not want to cut short their purchase.

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    Gold has been a thing of exhibition that shows off one's status. Noe the conditions have worsened up to such a stage that people never mind about one's capacity and are on a mad run to accumulate all the gold they can. Else they believe they don't even belong to the society.

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