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    My points become reduced

    I have a message to my superiors that in this way if i continued my points would go before zero level.Actually my initial points was above 50.But now only 16.Please check the points with earlier point statistics.

    Thank you
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    Your 50 point was loss, when you removed your photo from profile. That is why the point is reduced.

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    Dear Bipin,

    If you read the SPK guidelines properly, you can understand that we will be awarded 50 points for uploading our actual picture. Here you have taken out your picture and that is why you have a loss of 50 points. If you want the 50 points back, try uploading your profile picture again.

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    hi ,
    I also have such a complaint that i lost 5more points form my account .I don't know how these point will lost from my account .pls do proper .

    regards sirash

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    I think this is happening because of multiple editors

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