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    Emerging Kerala puts Kerala under great dilemma!

    Emerging Kerala brings in new projects and plans all aiming into making Kerala an industrial and e-literate state. Yet it keeps on bringing in controversies in bulks. The projects even though shines in rays of hope in advancing Kerala forward and to promises of sure employment for the youth ,it still paces forward bringing in great dilemmas and chaos related to the undertaking of the landmasses. Disputes arise from the nook and corners of Kerala shouting for the stay in taking up cultivable land and planting in industries instead.

    Kerala right after colourful promises of bring up the agrarian culture and protecting the paddy fields now retorts on the same position in offense to their own laws and promises. Emerging Kerala also promising to focus on our culture and tradition and to preserving them ,seems the implementation of imitations of the culture for the mere encouragement of tourism.

    It is disappointing that the true motive of the Government somehow concludes to the possibility of an entire transformation of an agrarian state into an industrial state. The producer will now become the consumer! From my text books in school level I remember learning that Kerala is an agrarian state. Sadly, the future will learn it as "Kerala was an agrarian state" !. The culture here becomes history when technology wins over man.
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    It will not be possible to convert this small State into a non-agrarian one. The paddy fields are not to be taken as the paddy producing fields. It serves multiple services to this State's environment.

    Mainly the conservation of water, the rain water, in the mid lands is one of its major function. The paddy fields, as we can see, are arranged in rectangular shapes, one after another. The water first fills in the fields lying at the top, then comes to the next and slowly to the bottom. By this time a large quantity of water is absorbed by the earth, which is preserved there.

    Whereas in plain areas the water quickly flows down and reaches either river or sea, with no time for absorption by the earth.Thus the stock of ground water gets affected.
    Paddy lands help maintaining the biodiversity of the area. The food chain there is important in this bio-system. It is one of the agriculture area wherein many people are employed and find their means of living.

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    Oppositions have been rising strongly against the screening of information provided in the documents on the water resources and cultivable land area. There have been a great deal of hide and seek going on between the authorities and land mafias making a fool of the public. Further investigations into the issues lays bare the list of lands sold under this gamut.If this follows future will witness the complete metamorphosis of Kerala becoming a consumerist state.

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