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    The beauty of "Hijab"

    "Hijab(Thattom)" is a piece of cloth which is used by Muslim women to cover their head. It is a symbol of purity and innocence.

    In older times Muslim girls were not much conscious about its beauty. They used it only to follow their tradition. At that time "thattom" made of oil clothes were widely used. Ladies used to wear "thattom" made of silk and beads in wedding functions and other festivals.

    Today the dressing style had changed a lot. The influence of fashion and films has revolutionized the traditional concept of dressing. So a lot of interesting changes had came to all the traditional dresses. And these changes can be seen in the traditional "thattoms" also. Now ladies used to wear churidhar as a common dress and therefore shawl is used instead of traditional "thattoms". Today's modern generation used to wear stole and designer shawls .

    When ever I think about the famous personalities who are using "thattom", the first face that came in to my mind is the former Pakistan prime minister Benazeer Bhutto.

    In Kerala recently the film "thattothin marayathu" revealed the beauty of thattom in an elegant way. It played a very important role in improving the popularity of thattom among youngsters who are not interested in wearing this traditional cloth. Thattom is not just a piece of cloth but is a culture that we got from our forefathers.
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    The importance of Hijab is praised all among Muslims. But when considering the fact that the origin of Islam took in the desert regions. Hence covering oneself was necessary to protect oneself. But here in India the use of such clothing isn't necessary. Most of the Indian Muslim ladies in high positions have paved the examples. Considering it a part of the tradition that came down from the Arab settlers in India we might include Hijab in the culture. But honestly the implementation of pardhah on women in a place of rain and moderate climatic condition like Kerala need to be considered with much more soft perspective.

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    Yes Sharon Sebastian, I second your comment. Hijab is a culture and our forefathers used it for a reason. Now yo get Hijab made of various materials with sequences and embroidery. Hijab actually makes a girl look pretty. Most of the times girls wearing Hijab looks like a girl and not like a Tom Boy.

    Apart from the above, Hijab is good to protect our hair and head from the hot sun and climatic changes. It prevents accumulation of dust and dirt in our scalp.

    I too agree to what Gaythri said, I never feel comfortable seeing women wearing pardah. It is never suitable for summer season and now our Kerala has more of summer season than winter season.

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    Not just summer season Dilna, try thinking of dragging a soaking pardah during the rainy season through the mud puddles and gutters. Even churidars trouble us. Thinking of those horrible situation when the girl in the soaking wet pardah have to attend classes wearing the same with no chance of getting it dry. When comparing those i believe that religion and culture are to guide human through the right path, but it have to adopt a friendlier form according changes in geographical variations.

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