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    Hon'ble High Court asks to stop toddy sales

    The Honorable High Court of Kerala asked the State Government to consider seriously the issue of stopping toddy sales. It is not clear how these thousands of toddy shops sell toddy when the production has come down drastically. This is actually helping the production of illicit liquors in the name of toddy, Hon'ble Court views. This even defeats the the sixteen year old ban of sales of arrack.

    The sale of toddy is encouraged under the pretext that it contains less (8%) alcohol, but in most of the shops the illicit toddy with more alcoholic content is on sale. This availability of toddy is in fact affecting the poor in the society. Their meagre income is spent in these shops, thereby making their family starve. Thus goes the findings of the Hon'ble High Court.
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    This is an issue that should have been dealt with much earlier.The amount of families affected by such business is numerous. The number just keeps increasing with the increasing number of new toddy shops sprouting everywhere. But compared to the bar hotels that stands sky-high nearby the toddy shops are much decent in its own way. Still, when such adulteration of toddy increases. the whole lower class life gets affected.No offence but toddy is like a revitalizing agent to the toiling laborers.Anything done under the gamut of law is fine,but illicit business should be considered an offense towards the whole society.

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    This is a nice and appreciable effort taken from the part of our honorable High Court. Better later than never, therefore at-least we should be happy that such an action is taken against illegal activities in our country. There are many people who sell liquor behind these shops and they have lot of sale too. The liquor sold in these shops are of very low quality and can affect the human kind.

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    This is only a remark by the Hon'ble Court, not a judgement. It is the Government which should look into this issue. The problem is that the number of coconut trees (or Palmyra trees) that are used for taking toddy is come down in Kerala. The present data regarding the number of trees do not agree with the quantity of toddy produced. Thus the shop owners go for illicit toddy/liquor to make up the shortage.
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