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    Today September 24th is World Clean-up Day

    Hi members,

    Through this thread, I would like to inform you all that today September 24th is World Clean-up Day. Cleanliness is a serious factor affecting India now, our roads and public places are not kept clean by the residents unlike other countries. Let us take a resolution to clean up our country and not to dirty it by littering again. At-least for a day, let us all not spoil the beauty of our country. The dirt getting accumulated in public places can cause various diseases to mankind.

    Cochin stands number one among the places of Kerala where the dumping of waste is high. This is the right place for mosquitoes to live and create off-springs. Be cautious of your health or tomorrow you will be one among the patients.

    Keep your city clean!
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    But what is the use if people don't throw waste around just the single day, im sure cunning Keralites will dump in double the waste the next day. People do want to keep clean their surrounding. Just that no one is ready to take the first step. Even if one does , others will take it as an opportunity to manipulate the situation.

    There have to be a change and the change needs to affect a whole mass not just a single person. And for that first our outlook towards our state have to change. We have to make ourselves accept the fact that the state of our locality depends on our contribution, to how much waste we dump out and how less it could actually become. Kerala has a long way to go in that aspect.

    Not just Kerala but the whole India. When Gandhiji availed us freedom and democracy he would never even have dreamt of our freedom in our motherland leading to such nasty and smelly situations.

    Cheers to Indians who have an excuse for every wrong thing we do.

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    Yesterday was just a day to remind and to create awareness among the people. At-least for a day they will refrain from doing such practices. I agree not all, but at-least few of them. I have also mentioned that it is initiative to be taken by all citizens, only then we cane make our city a better place to live.

    Our government should keep big waste drums in very city, so that people will dump waste into it. Now people do not have an option. Where will they dump the waste. Most of them do not have property. It will be like a 5 cent property, in which a big house is build, so they do not have sufficient place to dump the waste. Waste carrying vehicles should come everyday morning and collect the waste from these huge drums.

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    But why isnt that no one cares for the fact that even when there are dustbins in public places no one cares to drop an icecream cup or a plastic cover into the dustbin. All that people care is to simply throw at the wastebin from a distance as if in a game. If it falls in "hurray" for you, else nothing happens and you walk away. That is the main reason why government doesn't place a wastebin everywhere. People have not yet learned to use what is there, what is the meaning in adding more to it than simply embarrrasing the public.

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