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    Another accident on the railway level cross shoots up attention.

    Yet another tragedy strikes and steals away the lives of 5 people in an unmanned railway level cross attracting our attentions once again to the danger such railway crossings could cause. Its a pity that only accidents will light the red signal asking us to stop and take a look. It is not that there have not been many such accidents. But when each time such accidents take place the whole media runs mad behind the topic and after a short while the matter dies into oblivion until the next accident snatches away innocent lives!

    When patched up highways and the deep crevices of the national highway becomes a threat to the public no one notices the danger until one has to be crushed up under a heavy vehicle. No on cares to stop and complaint about such careless conditions of our roads and railway lines and attentions sprout up the instance there is a martyr.

    Who is to blame? The government or the PWD who pockets up the money reserved for the renovation of a road or the public who still travel on these roads challenging the threats that lay bare before them? Of course we cant blame the public. They have no choice as to use what is available to them . I just really wish that these differences be cleared out to provide the public a better transport system and roads and also manned level crosses before there fall in more numbers of accidents and victims.
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    Well said Gayathri. We can't blame the public as they cannot create new roads or spend money on its renovation. It is the government who has to take care of it. Every year our government is allotting huge amount for the development of infrastructural facilities, but it is the duty of the government to check whether the money is utilized for development and renovation or is it falling into the officials pockets.

    Now, with this accident many people might have lost their loved ones. It is a lose for them and not for our country or for the government. People's life have no value, that is what this proves.

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