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    Less rains will affect our water bodies

    Kerala is a state with lot of rivers and lakes. We enjoy a pleasant climate in our place due to the presence of these 44 rivers and lakes. But this year their was a delay in getting rain, if this situation continues for years, then our water bodies will be turned into mere lands. This will affect the population in Kerala. We will face scarcity of water and the climatic conditions will be horrible. Ample amount of rains are required for the existence of our water bodies.

    The other side is that, industries and individuals are polluting the existing rivers and now most of these has turned into a horrible state that we can't drink water directly from any of these water bodies. Sasthamcotta Lake, the only fresh water lake in India, but can anyone drink water from the lake directly? No, is the answer as the fresh water lake too is polluted. How are we going to preserve our earth and our state? If this scenario continues, those days are not far when we will have to beg other states for water.
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    Dear friend,
    Please look at your title once again, 'Less rains will afect out water bodies'. Do you mean 'Less rain will affect our water bodies' ? If so please check the mistakes you made.

    Gold Member, SPK

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    Sankaran Sir,

    Thank you for pointing out the typing error. I have corrected it.

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    But still the spelling of 'affect' has not been corrected.
    Gold Member, SPK

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    Sorry Sir,

    I have corrected it now. Also I have read the entire thread to check for spelling errors. Nothing else is found. Thank you for pointing it out.

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    The entire climatic cycle throughout the world is undergoing gradual change and not just Kerala the entire world is suffering from lack of rainfall, striiking heat waves, rising heat during summersand many more. Industrialisation have come to cost us more than environmental pollution but the entire system on Earth in undergoing the metamorphosis. Destruction of habitats due to these changes have caused to threat the survival of many species in the tropics as well as the poles. Water availability integrated with the depleting ground water levels are posing serious threats to the survival of life forms of many regions. It is at these crucial stages that annihilation of natural habitats like forests and the natural water retaining systems like ponds as well as the artificial water retaining methods like the paddy fields are on the increase.

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