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    High Court shocked by the increased patronizing of criminals by the political parties.

    Even the High Court remains appalled by the increased patronizing of criminals by the political parties! Each time a case comes up it eventually gets suppressed and goes to the oblivion all with the gradual involvement of political parties behind the curtain. The entire judicial system is at threat when the culprit is unable to be judged freely by the Courts. All have a political patron and the crimes are almost wiped away from the records. Politics was developed once for the people but now it is not.

    Thinking back to the freedom struggles of India what politics meant was our life; freedom had valued. And today what politics means is to take one's life a freedom is the powerful one's plaything. Reaping the life of anyone who pose a threat to the political agendas are on the increase but just for personal gains!

    We often forget the fact that our freedom is restricted to the end of our nose and also to the tip of another's.Everyone has the right to follow their own ideals in life, be it be against an existing system it is one's right to decide whether to follow a party or to quit from one.

    No one has the right to take a life as they do not can bring one alive. Killing for gains have become a trend and nowadays patronizing the criminals for the party gains are a popular trend in politics. It is high time the parties start to think back to their ideals. All parties were born for the betterment of people and to promote love , friendship and well being. Same was the motto of every religion too. But today the world has lost the essence of humanism that it has gone crazy for blood and power and the life of the commons or the one's fighting for a good cause is in grave danger! The High Court on Friday expressed the same concern for people and the political workers. The whole judicial system is at stake.
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    I feel pity for the politicians. How can they be so cheap and be a nuisance to their own country. Such people should be shot at sight. Do not ever give them a chance to live, if we give them a warning, they will still do the same as they are born criminals.

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    Well if that is to be done i'm sure almost all the politicians except for a very few should be shot dead. Politics have become a dirty game to play to pocess power and money. No one is good and reliable. Essence of humanism have drained away in thier run for money and possession of power. Even if such politicians are shot, more of the kind will be born again. The world has changed and now there is no escape. All we can do is to save ourselves and if possible save a friend or neighbour too.What else can be done against power and money!

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    Politicians were, once, aiming the welfare of the nation and thereby the people. But these days most of them, except a very few, accept the politics as a profession.

    Naturally, in these days of cut-throat competition, the aim of these people is only making money. Power is a short cut for making money. When aiming at this, many opponents will be on the way. For removing such hurdles they go to any extent.This approach give birth to criminals.

    Even for the formation of the so called quotation groups have the backing of politicians. An escape from this can be expected only if politicians go back to their original role, serving the common people. The greedy approach must be replaced with need based one.

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