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    Today is World Heart Day

    Dear Spider Kerala Members,

    I would like to inform you all that today, the 29th of September is the World Heart Day. Heart is a vital organ of our body which works 24 Hours. If we do not give proper care to it, it will stop functioning and we will be in another state. We all are busy with our work and have no time to take care of ourselves, but we need to find some time for our heart.

    Some suggestions/tips from my side to keep our heart healthy :
    (a) Eat what is pt for your heart and not go for the odour and taste. Avoid oily food and junk food as far as possible.
    (b) Be a vegetarian and have meat or non-vegetarian items once in a while.
    (c) Do regular exercise and take deep breaths.
    (d) Practice Yoga and take good rest.
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    Thanks for the tips. To a large extent one can overcome from the fear of heart attack, if one leads an obedient life. Obedient in the sense that never go for doing anything over than what is actually needed. When taking food remember that over eating is dangerous. The contents food taken also must be simple, unless one does hard work.Try to avoid alcohol, tobacco, etc.
    Thirty percent out of the total deaths in the world are due to heart attack.

    Gold Member, SPK

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