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    The cooking gas cylinder availability increased to 9 for all families.

    Kerala was in a dilemma when the cooking gas cylinders in the subsidiary rates were suddenly cut short to 6 per year for a APL families . Relief comes in today when the Government have finally taken notice of the grievance of the commoners and granted in an increment to 9 cylinder per year for all families regardless of being APL or BPL. The sudden inhibition of subsidiary rate gas cylinders struck Kerala when the bottling of gas cylinders was partially or totally inhibited for a short interval. The distribution restarted as soon as the gas was availed to concerned bottling centres and now the deficiency of availability of cooking gas will be met by bringing in cooking gas from Chennai to meet our needs. This action is relied on to speed up the distribution and to bring down the strict and rough decision of the Government to restrict cylinder availability to the APL families. This rose up as a very serious issue when people shifted to using induction stoves but the hike in electricity bill rates further worsened the conditions of APL families. The recent decision is believed to give in some more space to accommodate in APL needs too.
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    I never knew that the number of gas cylinder has increased to 9 from 6. Thank you Gayathri for sharing this information here.

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    The number of gas cylinders have been increased only for individual families . The crisis falls on population of flats and such living in clusters that only 6 cooking gas cylinders will be availed for all the families in each cluster. That is for every family in such clusters all the families together will get only 6 gas cylinders per year on subsidy rate. All the families have to share in from that 6 cylinders for the whole year round .This sure is a bad news for them but looks like they can share in expenses each month to bring a cylinder each. Yet the burden falls again when the price have shot up again twice since the reduction in subsidy rate cylinders. Sharing in the expenses wouldn't be much of a problem for such families . Still 6 cylinders for the whole year for a whole group of families! That is bit too disturbing a news.

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    Ministories desided to increas it from 9 to 11. Discussions are going on may be it happen.

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    Dear friends,
    Central Government have announced the decision to increase the number of subsidized cylinders from 9 to 12 to each family. It is a welcome decision, no doubt. But one wonders why this decision was not taken earlier. It is the same ministry which has reduced the number to 9 (earlier still less, 6).The same ministry allowed the linking of 'Aadhar' card to the subsidy payment. Now they are stepping back.
    Hence one may get the doubt that this latest decision is just an Election stunt. If the same party comes to power there is every chance that they will undo this increasing of number of cylinders.

    Gold Member, SPK

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    Dear members,petrolium minister declaraed it two days before. Not only that in kerala there will be a reduction of 40 rupees per subsidy cylinder.
    With Best Regards,

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