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    Kerala Roads mimicking patched up clothes!

    The situation recasts itself again as the roads of Kerala once again mimics rags. Till the past few months the roads especially of the Alleppey and KOllam districts were mimicking the craters of moon housing deep crevices and pits in the tarred roads. Offenses from people have recently prompted the authorities to bring in a plan to give in space for the grievances of the people. And here came the panacea, the past weeks have been a busy schedule for the authorities to take concern that all the pits and deep deadly crevices of the National Highway be patched up so that the roads be incognito to their true suffering. It won't be hard to find in the patches like the rags of Aladdin from Disney's famous cartoon story of Aladdin's Magic Lamp. The pits and crevices have been filled up with crushed rocks rolled up with road roller , the crust lined with bigger rock fragments and sealed in with a very dilute and make belief mixture of tar. Two months may give in a relief and then the roads will round back to the same state.
    In the biggest democracy of the world this is what we see. The right of the public for transportation comes in with such grandeur that we often forget we are on Earth. The state of the ibid road was such pathetic that all vehicles regardless of size and shape was driven through the edges of the road so that these deep pits won't remind them of a camel ride. And when the sides of the road is mentioned it is not a flat stretching panorama of land but more like a slide down into the unwalled canals. Now that the road is patched up till the next season of strikes and rain the authorities rest feeding on the pilfered sum after the construction. And now they have a common term for this process of patching up , call it "yearly maintenance".
    This is an eye witness report of the National Highway stretching between Haripad in Alleppey and Karunagapally in Kollam. Yet another road that suffers from poor clothes.Almost half part of the roads reminds us of the spotted skin of a cheetah as the workers lacked the tar to spread up on the bigger rocks they have filled in the pits and so exposing the rolled up rocks as if a cluster of spots in the road. People are grateful that at least so much can avail them temporarily their right for transportation.
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    It is very difficult to get a permanent solution to our roads' conditions. Our authorities do not want such things to happen here. The Public Works Department want some works always, then only the officers and other staff there will get extra income.
    The concerned minister will also be silent in this matter. I don't want to explain why. Our State is never going to be free from these people. Something unexpected must happen in order to expect a change !

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    A permanent solution is never possible for roads that are used frequently but the authorities can surely run up the yearly maintenance and keep the roads in much better condition. It is not that they are doing and still the roads are the same, the problem is that they do not do it well.And we are to suffer! We pay for the lives of our dear ones not them.

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