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    Worm found in KFC, how secure are we?

    Today I saw a news in the TV channels stating that worms were found in the chicken piece ordered from a KFC outlet in our capital city, Trivandrum. Recently there were problems with shawarma and many outlets selling shawarma has been closed in Trivandrum. Now KFC is also included in the list. The news goes like this : a NRK(Non Resident Keralite) family has gone to one of the KFC outlet in Trivandrum to have KFC Chicken, while one of the member was eating, he found worms inside the chicken. Hopefully it would be dead worms, if not, I wonder why these worms did not die even after the chicken getting fried. Are these worms that powerful?

    He was asked by the KFC authorities, not to complaint the same to Food corporation, but he refused and have raised a complaint. We should definitely take action against such insane activities. Restaurants are playing with the life of common people.

    Last week I heard in news, that a boy from Calicut was hospitalized after consuming shawarma. Why is our government so weak in taking strict action against these culprits. No where such things happen except in Kerala. That sad and pathetic is the condition of our state.

    Can you imagine how old the chicken might be and how carelessly it would have been stored?
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    One has to be very careful while eating from outside, not only in Kerala but also in other parts of the country. Seldom do the management of the hotels worry about the neatness of the surroundings also about the raw materials used for cooking. Rotten meat or vegetables are very often utilized by them. One day's balance of cooked food items are also made use of next day.All these lead to health problems to the consumers.

    Our law mechanism is very often weak and are prone to corruption.

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