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    New report : Dumping of waste has reduced in Trivandrum

    The latest reports says that the dumping of waste materials on public places have dramatically decreased in our capital city. The main aim of the district authorities is to completely wipe out the system of dumping wastes and littering public places and for this a special squad appointed by the district collector will be on action from today onwards. This is indeed a great move from the part of authorities and if this action is carried out well, we soon can see a clean and tidy Trivandrum. I hope the same rule will be implemented in other districts as well.

    This decision , if properly carried out will help the common public from being caught by various diseases like Denki Flu, flu and other ailments. The police department, food safety authority, health department and the district authorities have come forward together to ensure that everyone follows the rule.

    All the very best for the team!
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    Well, if people take up this attitude themselves no doubt things will improve. We claim we are an educated group of people in Kerala. But what type of education we are having ? Education leading to become a responsible citizen is not getting these days. Social commitment is almost lost among all. So an awareness regarding the waste management must be imparted to continuously to all everywhere.
    Gold Member, SPK

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    Only when a hazard strikes people wake up to do their duties. We can never blame the authorities alone for the increasing waste dumps in the cities it just because the people are so much caring to their neighbors. Authorities can't always go around checking who has thrown the waste when and where and to punish them accordingly. People have to undertake certain duties when living in a society and that is their duty alone and not the governments to keep the place they live in clean and tidy. Instead they sit back home leg on leg and wait for the government to come pick pick up the trash they have dropped. It is very pleasing that public have finally got their feet down on Earth to do their duties. Just hope that people do the same all around Kerala and finally we will surely be a much cleaner state, but for that we have to take the steps and not wait for anyone to come and lift us up .

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    gayathri is running after points...
    K K Manoj Kumar

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