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    Tipper lorries - a boon or a bane to Keralities? Discuss

    We can see many tipper lorries on our roads. The worst thing is that these lorries are been driven rashly and the drivers give no attention to the people standing or walking on the sides of the road. Another sad situation is that many accidents are been reported in our state and in almost all the cases, the villain is tippers. Many two wheelers are been kicked off by tippers. Either our government has to take strict action against these tippers or allot a particular time for these lorries. If these vehicles can be on road only during certain hours of the day at-least the office going people, the school children etc will be saved. The face or the front portion of the tipper itself has a cruel look. Do you also think so?

    The government can't completely stop tippers as this vehicle is been used in almost all industries now. Therefore it is better to allow these vehicles to be on road at night or at early morning.
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    Dilna all these kind of lorries do have allotted times to on the roads. The office hours are already a prohibited interval for such type of load carrying big vehicles. But you can't possibly ask them to pause and move aside when they are on an emergency run . Vehicles like these if delayed will now cost us our food as well for we now depend on import items from different states.Yet lorries carrying sand. wood etc are following their time schedules except a very few that carry a local run. We possibly can't deny the construction of a house or an office till late hours at night. For bigger projects loads are brought in at late hours keeping such vehicles away from traffic during office hours. But we can't ask people to engage lorries only at night to transport a load or two of sand from one panchayath to another for the construction of houses and such.

    The main point we have to note is that nowadays lorry drivers are surely careful enough not to cause much accidents. How can you possibly blame a lorry driver if the bike that have crashed in was par the speed limits and literally flying on the road? Mistakes are not just with the big vehicles. Ask any of the teenage boys and an economy ride is a "chicken thing" among them 120 is the minimum speed they opt. Not just with two wheelers but four wheelers share the same thrill of driving at top speed. Careless driving is what causes such terrible accidents and not always the big vehicles.Even while I am typing this response I can hear motors racing at top speeds through the road. Those poor people steering the big vehicles are much humane that the ones in the luxury cars. The lorry drivers work for their living and not killing people. But often those in the luxury cars smell alcohol from far off distances itself.

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    Tipper lorries are to go through side roads. They do not very often oblige to this. Also the speed of them are just because of competition. From where the materials are collected they rush to the place where these materials are to be deposited.

    For example, for earth filling purposes the soil is collected from the hills ad rush to the destination where this is to be dumped. They are paid for number of loads they carry. So naturally, they try to add the number of trips which results in high speed. This very often end up in accidents.

    So if the authorities fix an upper limit for the number of loads per lorry, if possible, perhaps accidents can be reduced.

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