October 12, World Arthritis Day

World Arthritis Day is observed for making aware the people all over the world about the seriousness of this disease.
Joint pain, swelling, and similar other ailments are the first symptoms that are felt as the beginning of arthritis. Constant tiredness, laziness are also felt in certain cases. If due attention is given to get rid of them after conducting proper tests, then arthritis can be controlled, and by proper treatment, which are available now, one can be free from this disease. But if proper attention is not given based on earlier symptoms it can lead to complications.

In Kerala it is observed that arthritis patients start treatment only very late, generally after about seven years of the beginning of the disease. This approach leads to the belief that this disease is incurable.

Thus World Arthritis Day is mainly for addressing this issue by creating awareness among the public on the point of giving earlier attention to all related problems.