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    Kerala Land Of Spices

    Kerala, the God's Own Country, is referred to as the, 'Land of Spices'. As a major portion of its cuisine is hot and spicy. Coconut is considered to be the inevitable part of almost all dishes prepared in Kerala. Staple food for the people of Kerala is rice. The food is made even more interesting with lip-smacking chutneys and pickles. Inhabitants of the state lay a great emphasis on health aspect of their food. Use of oil, sugar and artificial additives is kept to a minimum.
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    You are right. Kerala is famous for spices. We have learned in our history classes that the Portuguese, Dutch and even English people first came to Kerala for collecting spices. They started business with this special items of Kerala. But slowly they took out their other interests, that is taking the reigns of power.
    Even now we export spices to other countries. Government is also giving much importance for it. There is Spices Development Board, Coconut Development Board, Cashew Development Board, etc. which are working for the development of concerned item. Kerala is the Head quarters of most of these institutions.

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    Sankaran you have gathered good knowledge ...keep up the good work
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    Reubeen Come with more good ideas... you have the power to write .
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    Have you noticed what makes our cuisine finger licking good? It is not just the availability of spices or coconuts alone but the right knowledge and balance of taste as well as nutrition. We can easily spot that in the west instead of taking in more fiber rich food they concentrate on sweets and meat. In the northern part of India even though the cuisine is rich in spices and judicious in combinations they still have sweets to their fore and hence limits the quantity of surplus feasts. Travelling to the South one would be marveled by the sight of a crowded up banana leaf serving up our delicacies in a right order and aesthetic method to which food is served. The right balance of taste, nutrition, the right play of colors on the fresh green banana leaf, the special order in which the accompaniments are served, the actual TECHNIQUE of feasting both scientifically as well as aesthetically appealing both to our senses as well as our heart is what the South serves for a feast. And no doubt the feast will be worth it.

    In our each and every curries let it be vegetarian or non-vegetarian the special touch of Kerala is just enchanting that just the fragrance leaves us savoring the goodness. Not just spicy mixes but mild usages of spices as well adorns our cuisine. Coconut is of course the unavoidable part , sometimes adding taste or sometimes completing a dish or else balancing the pungency of the spicy dish. More than the abundance of spices and coconut what makes our cuisine something of an impact is the rightful balance and the techniques of both making and having it.

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