Solar powered boats in Kerala.

The rates of conventional forms of energy have already soared past affordable price and when used for public transportation the government have no other way than increasing the ticket charges for every ride. Here comes in a solution for the issue and as an experimental basis solar powered boats are being designed. The existing boats are to be modified to utilize solar power by integrating with them solar panels .The 56 boats currently under the Kerala State Water Transport Department will be thus modified to suite our needs.This is for the first time in India that non-conventional energy be used for facilitating cheaper transportation.The idea adopted from the water transport facility in France is now under strict consideration but quite unsure of the expenses that will be needed. The current energy crisis in Kerala will come to have a solution with this project as the common fuel :ie diesel that is used in boats will not be needed and the solar power will be absolutely free except for the initial and maintenance charges.Still there is a high scope that the system will increase the life span of machines. This is a very profitable method, cheap and pollution free. The rivers will be free of diesel and lubricant pollutants as well as the pollution due to Carbon-dioxe will be reduced.The concern comes about the increasing mass of the boat by integrating the solar panel. But measures are taken to reduce the weight of the structure by using marine aluminium structure for the panels. Next year the project is expected to give in full bloom and if successful even the houseboat services will be provided with the technology hence reducing diesel consumption by the boats to a complete zero.