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    Safety of Women in Kerala at stake

    Reports from the Police Department in Kerala reveals the pathetic condition of the safety of women in Kerala. Issues concerning domestic violence by husband, relatives etc mainly on the topics of dowry have been widely increasing. The sole issue of dowry have killed almost 18 women within the short span of 6 months. Sexual assaults have rocketed into high rates nearing 500 cases each span of half a year. Complaints registered in the police stations concerning harassment at work place , harassment and sexual assaults in trains and transport buses have been increasing shockingly . The incidents have already hooked up attentions with the spurring case of Soumya .

    Cases of kidnapping and killings of women have also risen beyond limits . The cases are alarming when checked into the details each where we will be shocked by brutality and wildness behind each. Kerala was compared to other states in India much softer to women but the withering away of values of life have started to reflect greatly on the increasing rates of violence towards women. This is a serious concern .

    The issue is not just about the victims but greatly about the possibility of more assaults and harassment that are to happen. No one cAN say who would be next. Could be our own family members regardless of age, caste, creed, or colour. Even children of very young ages say 4 and 5 are not safe here in Kerala. No one can take a sigh as assaults on elder people are also equal concerns . So young girls are obviously on the hit-list.

    No one can relax as safety for women are just temporary and we can never predict who , when and by whom is next. Who knows even I could be a victim the next time reports are on. The only thing we could do is to PROTEST and to PROTECT not just for ourselves but for others also.
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    This was the most value thread which the safety of women in kerala at stake. I have an opinion that the safety of the women is secure as compared to the other state .With studies showing that women are at risk of various forms of violence in public places and spaces, the State authorities and the local bodies have their task cut out. The people from the different place have different place mind and the way of behaviour is different. This will be make the more and more attacks against the women's.

    sirash khan

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    Not only in the above mentioned cases, in families where we think the husband and wife is living happily also encounters certain problems. I know many families where there is male domination to a great extent by the husbands. Women are still considered as mere humans to be stamped upon. I do not know when this attitude towards women will change. She has no freedom to walk on the roads, go to a relatives place, to go to school or work, even she can't lead a peaceful life at her own home too. Everywhere vultures are behind her to eat her flesh. How cruel people can be?

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    Thank you for post this theread here. Now a days, women are getting this much of problem in society, we can say many reason for this issues. First reason is that, media people are promoting their products and movies by using women. They are showing women as one sexual product, its really badthing for our world. 30 or 40 years ago, girls are god in our India but now a days women is one sexual product in India. Most of movies are promoted by using some sexual things. So, all young boys are addicted by sex. This is first and most reason for this isses. If you want to stop means boys are have to understand and big awareness about it. Girls are now a days working in night shift in many companies, some companies are only provding travel facilities in night times. Some companies are not providing travel facilities and all, so surely we can say this is really critical situtation for girls. In 1950 rules and laws are defined but those laws are broken by some political partices.

    So, if we want to change something means, atleast we should speread some awarness about social responsiblitiy and violotion of some bais things. Awarness can reduce atleast 50% problem in our India. Next, Government should care about women's safety, If any women is raped by someone means, then court must give some highlevel punishment for that person. Thenonly this rap issues will decrease in our India.

    We must see this problem in broad mind, this problem is not only kerala, this problem is all states in India, we must take some action for this issues instead of discussing only.

    Santhosh Kumar.A

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    This is a general issue of our country.The law and order must be changed to this new version.Punishment should be improved.I am now seeing, that every day news saying children are victims of rape.What happened to our country.The whole area the same issue is rising and rising.In kerala the small state,it's crime rate is not small.

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