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    Deaths due to accidents increasing in Kerala ?

    Longevity of life in Kerala is the highest among the States in the country. Perhaps to compensate the late natural death more people die due to motor accidents. Motor accidents takes the life of ten people a day on an average and causes injuries to nearly 70 people.

    In 2005 number of deaths reported due to accidents was 3,203 which became 4,145 in the year 2011. Those injured were 51,124 and 41,379 respectively. It is to be noted that the number of accidents has come down during the period from 42,383 to 36,216. This means that the number of deaths per accidents is increasing.

    Kerala is in front of suicide rate also. It is more than three times that of national average. When the national suicide average is 7 or 8 per lakh the same for Kerala is in the range of 25 to 30. Family suicide is also more in Kerala. However, it is consoling to note that this rate is showing a decreasing trend from 30.8 per lakh in 2003 to 25.5 in 2009, and 24.8 in 2010.
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    Suicides and accident reports have become a familiar news to Keralites. Every single day newspapers report on at least 10 such cases of accidents and 2 cases of suicides. Among the total numbers many go unnoticed and unreported. Carelessness and speeding have become a characteristic trait of people on the road and the ones on the wheel cares more about the thrilling experience of speeding than the lives that will perish at their wheels. The condition of roads in Kerala is an unavoidable cause- the gutters and the crevices are far too dangerous to fall into . The death rush of people to work and back from work is a major reason for the speeding. The teenagers are becoming a threat on the roads with their lighting speed driving! The competition between drivers often leads to big time accidents and especially when this is of private buses on the road more lives perish at sight. Traffic rules are to be strictly followed yet it is disappointing the the mantra of the youth is "to break the rules" . No matter where, at school, on the road, at public places they take pride in breaking the rules which contributes to the increasing number of accidents.

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    This is a bad news. But note that not only accidents also vehicles are increased. Due to the increasing of vehicles accidents also increases. Most of the drivers are driven with the alcohols. Also careless driving makes the life of walkers. Another thing is air bags and seat belt are prevents few death. But air bag is only available in high class vehicles. Two wheelers are affected death from accidents. Major deaths are occured due to avoiding of helmets.

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    The death rate is increase day by day in Kerala .In the state Kerala the motor vehicle accident is not due to the carelessness and speeding. About ten people per day spend their life in road accidents .Mainly the motor accidents are due to the unscientific rode making and the lack of traffic technology. Moreover that that is the fact of these accidents .it's our claim is that to ensure the safety. For our safety each and every people must aware of the traffic rules, the Kerala government should conduct more awareness class to not only for drivers but also to the common peoples. The suicide rate is also increase, now a day more people suicide for the problem like lone mainly the farmers the didn't get a platform to say their troubles. They peoples are the main foot of our Kerala so more and more service are giving to those people, that is giving priority to the real farmers in our society. Next type of suicides are happened over the youth most of them are love failures. This can be avoid by the help of their parents they gave more freedom to them to share their private talk.By keeping these measures we can avoid 20% of death rate.

    Sirash khan

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    You do have a point about not being aware of the traffic rules. Actually when a person is to take a driving license he/ she have to learn the traffic rules as well. The lacking is not in being aware but the carelessness on roads and not OBEYing the traffic rules. Rules are made to be obeyed and all that the young vibrant generation feels good in is breaking the rules. Everyone knows speed is a drug that tinkle your senses and ewe never feel like slowing down when the magic is in the vein but the truth is the pathetic condition of the roads in Kerala as well as our poor driving habits like speeding, driving drunk, using phones or other such devices while driving etc. It is just a matter of being careful but none of us are. May it be while driving or even while crossing the roads. The pedestrians are no exclusion from contributing to the accident rates.

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    Gayathri Jayakumar,
    You are right. Most of the youngsters are looking for breaking the rules as possible. Most of the youngsters avoid helmets that will cause death. Speeding and drunk are the two main problems of accidents. Another problem is using mobile phones. I faced same problem when traveling through KSRTC FAST PASSENGER BUS. The driver used mobile phone around 10 minutes with careless driving. They are also avoid traffic rules. Why peoples are careless about their life.


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    People are not careless about their life but thrilled about speed.

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    Hi friends,
    Most of the accidents happen in Kerala for youngsters .it is why because of speeding and carelessness. In Kerala most of the rods are making unscientifically. Another reason is that the lack of traffic technology. The most of youngsters are drug addicts, and they ride the motor vehicles as their way of mind it will lead to accidents, But we forget that one think that the lack of traffic technology may lead such types of accidents, it is of our irresponsible traffic officers to make check the doubtful Pearson's who are drunk or not .We can avoid such type of accident's by adding primitive measures to our traffic rules. There by we can save more life from motor accident. Surely we can avoid the accidents by giving continuous awareness class to the youngsters and conducts such type of class in campuses traffic


    sirash khan

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    Now a days a lot of accidents are reporting. Most of them are bike accidents. Youngsters are now in big trouble due to these disasters. I had an experience, that i have survived an accident. It was not a big one, but it caused due to the carelessness of an auto driver. So i have a suggestion for you guys that be careful while driving, so that all of us can stay safe. regards, Fayaz

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    Hi fayaz,
    glad to here and your valuable comments .yes most of the accidents are happened in youngsters ,it is due to the over speeding and the carelessness .our youngsters are crazy to drive more in motorcycles .if we are use motorcycles carelessly they are the dangers vehicle .For the good health of our newgeneration we must ensure safety by adopting good safety measures...

    regards sirash
    sirash khan

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    The number of motor accidents are increasing day by day. Most of the youngsters have motor bikes and this is the major caused of accidents in our state. Both the parents are the young boys should be careful. Also our government should keep an eye on the tippers and lorries running on the road.

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