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    Proposal to tackle energy crisis the State

    Experts have proposed solar based energy solutions to tackle the energy crisis in Kerala. A high level expert panel appointed by the Electricity Board is conducting discussions over this proposals.

    Proposal by one of the experts include standalone roof top solar systems, grid- connected systems, large solar farms on waste-land and canal tops and also floating mounted systems in reservoirs and backwaters, among other places.

    The proposal also recommends starting experimental facilities in Peppara and Aruvikkara dams and also environment impact studies before going for larger systems in other locations. Sufficient subsidy is also suggested to attract the public to change over to the solar system, initially, since the installation costs are on the higher side.
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    Solar energy have already began achieving its space as a common energy source in many parts of Kerala. On of my earlier forum posts reporting that boating services will soon be solar energy dependent is a cue to the change over. People are becoming more aware of the uses of solar energy than used simply for drying purposes . But the main impediment to the setting up of a solar power unit is the initial charges and concerns on its dependability. If a series of days strike in with no strong sunlight and just cloudy atmospheres the power source will be no longer available. Such concerns prevent us from completely implementing the shift over. More over the initial charges are pretty high and the maintenance also takes up a pretty good sum. Solar water heaters and solar lamps are a much common sight in Kerala now. I am proud to notice that even street lamps and signals have started using solar panels as energy source. Another concern that strikes in when implementing such system by the state government is that they have no other way than to call in companies in contract basis and to hand over the task to them. This is a high risk at who ever is under control as charges of money theft will fall directly upon them in case of any malfunction or delay. Also, the reliability on the companies that take up the task should be satisfactory.In a State like Kerala getting enough sunshine is a sorted out problem but the degree of reliability on solar power is still under dispute.

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    Solar energy is the best power source while we are considering the impacts on the environment and ecosystem. Though the big hydro-electric projects satisfy our needs, they badly affect the ecosystem. Some area of the forest will be under water. Dams like Mullapperiyar also threatens the lives in southern kerala. Other power plants, including nuclear and thermal, cause environmental pollution too. So the best method is to depend on natuaral sources like solar energy, wind etc.

    There is no need of worry if there is no strong sunlight as in monsoon days. Engineers from KSEB says that if the electricity produced in our home is excess, which may occur in summer, can be given to the electric pool. The quantity is measured using an instrument and they will pay us for that. When the power produced is low, we can take current from the grid.

    Both the state and central government provide subsidy for it. The materials are available from ANERT. Thirty percentage of the total cost will be paid by the government as subsidy.

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    Still we cannot completely shift into solar energy without a hydro power back up is what I said.

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    Due to the lack of water our electricity energy reduced day by day. If we do not implement that will night kerala. So solar energy is the best method to avoid this problem. But according to today's technology we can only store less amount of energy from source. If cannot think a electic energyless day.

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    Look at other states like Karnadaka or....... My friend told that up to 8 hour powercut in day and night in one day. So solar energy is the endless energy to form electricity.

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    What if the sky is cast for a whole week Sultan? Do you think you can still rely on solar energy in that case? It is a very good source but not completely reliable. That is why I argue that we cant completely shift to solar energy without having a hydro-power backup.

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    I am not sultan. I am Sulthan. I agree with you. Look at signal lights. They are working with solar energy. It works up to 3 days without solar. 1 week is challenging task. I have a doubt. What if the sky is not cast in a whole month? It reduce water level and reduce electricity. No sources are completely reliable. But water is reliable compared to solar and wind.

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    It haven't happened so far in Kerala that there be no rainfall for a month and we don't have electricity . So far Hydro power have been the most reliable source. And extremely sorry for missing that 'H'.

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    There is no doubt that the solar energy will be used soon as an alternate source in Kerala. Already steps have taken by the Government with the support of Centre to propagate it. ANERT is the agency which looks after this. More than 50 % subsidy will be given by the Government. (For installing a set producing one kilo vat about and a half lakh will be needed).
    In Kerala completely overcast days are very limited. Even if the sun is not seen outside the clouds the day light can recharge the system partially.

    Gold Member, SPK

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    Now a day electricity is one of the most unavoidable factor in the day use .the useage of the electricity is increase day day ,as we people know that about 50% of electricity is consumed by the it sectors .As the necessity of the electricity increase the demand of the electricity increase.the major source of producing the electricity is by water and Sun .now a day the 79% of electricity we used is from the water .only the renaming is other .we should save energy by the help of using less conception electronic devices..about 28% of electricity can be saved from this..the installation of the solar electric generation is very costly and we find another method to find production of the energy...

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