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    Palakkad district has the highest aquifer system in Kerala

    Central Ground Water Board has compiled an aquifer atlas of Kerala which shows over exploitation of ground water in the State. (Aquifer is any geological formation containing water). It estimated the net annual ground water availability in the State at 6.01 billion cubic meters as on March 2011.

    The distribution of aquifer systems is uneven within the State, with the highest coverage, 4,480 sq. km. coming in Palakkad district followed by Idukki with 4,358 sq. km. the lowest coverage is in Alappuzha, 1,414 sq. km.

    This aquifer map will help scientific management of groundwater management of ground water resources of the State. This become important in the light of human activities which over-exploit the ground water and lead to environmental issues.
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    This is surely a great piece of information. Till date protection of water resources have been the most disputed topic all around the world.Mapping the water resources will give us an accurate idea of where to run and what have to be done when there is a scarcity of water. Yet preserving the resources is very important. Today when people are crazy over the idea of land more than water resources people simply level up any small area of water bodies or else take over land unauthorized to fulfill their land needs. Such projects like mapping aquifers and data banks will give us a correct amount on the disappearing rate of water bodies.

    Pollution is a reason that people do not prefer water bodies near their houses and hence they find leveling of ponds and paddy fields as a solution .The rate of depletion of water resources are also high as we never notice the water we simply waste as we know we have lots of water in stock. People are never careful about saving water and water resources even as they take campaigns and paste posters on the wall to save water.

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    Nowadays people depend more on the ground water than the surface water bodies. Instead of taking water from lakes and wells, they prefer bore-wells as an alternative source of water. It will reduce the amount of water stored inside the earth. People are least bothered about protecting the water bodies. We have 44 rivers, a long rainy season. Yet we are experiencing scarcity of water because of our carelessness. We have to come forward to protect our water-bodies, the purity of this elixir and a lot of lives inside the water.

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    Aswin ,
    We have to note a salient point during the discussion that our long monsoon season has just been cut short. We do not even receive a 1/3 of what we used to get during monsoon and that deficiency of water is the cause of these series of load shedding and increased electricity rates. We have to realize that the water availability in Kerala has just been reduced and that the sun is shining brighter every year leading to the loss of the surface water. We are in serious trouble and we hardly realize the fact!

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    This is a great piece of important information. Palakad contained lot of villages. Villegers are eco friendly. So I think this is the reason to got that award to Palakad. Any way pure water is the primary thing to humans. Nowadays pure water is decreased largly. We cannot drink pure water from any cities hotels or stores. Also, if we look at road sides or other places never eat or drink from cities. One solution is drinking packed international registered products. But the day is started with the news of found a lizard or snake tail from the bottle. So we need water. So palakad is the best place to live.

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    Nice go Sultan are you from Palakkad? It says Palakkad has the highest aquifier system not fresh water reserve. And more having higher fresh water reserve doesn't mean it is available for depletion.

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    In the case of aquifer Palakkad tops, as per the information available. But this is the district with maximum temperature record also. During Summer the mercury level crosses 40 degrees almost every year there. (Punaloor in Pathanamthitta is the only other place in Kerala with this level of temperature).
    Being a Palakkad man I know that most of the wells and ponds become dry during summer months. So presence of largest aquifer may not be of much help here.

    Gold Member, SPK

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    Hi T.M.Sankaran sir,
    I think you are wrong. I am from kollam. Also, near Punalur. Punalur is the hotest place in kerala and near Tamil Nadu-Kerala Border. So Punalur is in Kollam, not Pathanamthitta. It is the second largest city in kollam and fifth largest in south kerala. Punalur Paper Mills is one of the famous industry in India and first Industry in kerala established on 1850's. Sorry for my mistake. I dont know which place is coolest in kerala. If you know please specify it.


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    Obviously Kerala has moderate climate so there wont be like places with really low temperatures here. You can count in Hill stations for being the coldest here. Munnar is recorded to have the coldest temperature in Kerala so far.

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    Thanks Gayathri.Jayakumar. I already visited two month ago. But cold is not enough to entertainment. But nice places. Also, visitors are rare. So I think season is not in that time. Next time I looking for visiting m unnar at season time.

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    it was a latest news that the Palakkad district was selected as the has highest aquifer system in Kerala.In kerala most of our district having lakes.The palakkad district is situated in the lake shore ,this was the district where the parambikulam wildlife sanctuary situated and this was the district bharatha puza flows west and gayathri puza also flows west worse direction.palakkad is famous of the silent vally situated .Totally the palakkad is truly green ,its no wonder to get tthis district as the large aquifer system in kerala .

    sirash khan

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    That is a great piece of information. Tahnk you Shankaran Sir for sharing it with us.

    @ Sultan, I too agree with you that Punalur is in Kollam Dist.

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