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    World Malayala festival at the Kerala capital

    World Malayalam Festival is being organized at the capital city of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram from the first of November, the birth day of Kerala State.
    It is interesting to note that the organizers are not having much idea about Malayalam literature. They have put up several statues in different parts of the city. The statues of known literary figures of Malayalam. It is reported that some of the statues are not of those personalities whose names are written below.
    The statue of Dr. C.V. Raman, the Nobel Laureate in Science is put up in one location and what is written there is the name of the great novelist C.V. Raman Pillai (who wrote famous historical Novels such as Marthanda Varma, Dharmaraja, etc.) !
    Those who are familiar with Malayalam literature know that the great poet Changampuzha Krishna Pillai died at the age of 37. But a statue put up there is that of an old man looking at least an age of 70 !

    There are also other mistakes pointed out. This is what is happening if political appointments are done in such positions.
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    This is ridiculous. After all looks like we have plans to rename our own writers. They could have avoided pictures if they weren't sure whom the photo was of. If they didn't actually know who the person was they could have avoided such a joke. Accepting the fact that one does't know something is far respectful than pretending we know it. Thinking again it could have been a technical mistake. But still they could have consulted with people who actually know what is right.

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    It is good news for malayalees. These festival makes more attraction to foreign peoples and our culture will spread in world wide. Also, foreign people learns our historical members and our novels, stories etc. Nowadays lot of foreigners are studying our cultural programs like kathakali, mohiniyattam etc. So these type of programs attract more foreigners.

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    Foreigners have already been attracted to Kerala arts Sultan not now but many years before itself. It was our talents that amazed them like anything.But alas its our own fault that the impression goes down the graph. Our heritage and culture was always a mystery to them and so was the complexity of our art. But what may come but we ruin our own reputation. High time we start giving out our best to out state than to run behind serving the foreigners.

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    it was a great news to all malayalees that they get the opportunity to attend the World Malayalam Festival done in capital city of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram .this type of festival conduct by the kerala government for remember the past of Malayalam literature,and the people who give the contributions to the Malayalam literature field.the literature is a most abundant blessings ,it is an earning ! yes earning of wisdom.the literature is a good media to interact with the common peoples.Most of our malayalees did not have a sense about the literature.The kerala government give an opportunity to make some idea about the literature ,so we malaylees dint miss such an opportunity.


    sirash khan

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    Please do take concern to correct the spelling of the last word to "opportunity".

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    gayathri ,
    glad to here for correct this mistake and anyway i will correct it and sorry for that trouble ...

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