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    Two more ministers to Kerala from UPA

    Two more ministers to Kerala from UPA government. Is this helpful for our dream project Kochi Metro?
    Shashi Tharoor and Kodukkunnil Suresh leads our government with new hopes. We can expect something new from them for speedy growth of our state and nation in terms of development and infrastructure. Let us hope from the entire eight member ministers group made some miracles to our God's own country.
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    Well I really hope they work their best to achieve praise all around the nation. Benefits for Kerala alone is selfish thought let all benefit the betterment of our whole nation and the 8 make us proud with their zeal to develop not just our state but every other states as well.

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    Increasing the number of ministers from Kerala is welcome, but whether it will help the State or the people here is something to be seen. Even earlier we had very high representation at the Centre. Stalwarts like A.K.Antony has been occupying senior positions since years (now he is almost No.2 in the cabinet). But in what way it has helped this State, only history will record.
    There will not be any problem if some of this ministers had taken interest in the Metro issue. Very often I feel the ruling party in a State must be in opposition at the Centre, then things will go in a better way. Here, all these 8 ministers become 'mum' when they reach New Delhi. So this addition in number, I feel, is not going to do anything better for the State.

    Gold Member, SPK

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    I think it will help kerala. Because when sasi tharoor became prime minister he done many things for kerala like Indian Premier League team for kerala(Kochi Tuskers Kerala). I think more projects are reaching to kerala from new ministers. Because same party is also Government of kerala.

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    Shashi Tharoor and Kodukkunnil Suresh are the ministers from Kerala to UPA government,They are intellect peoples ,and from there service get more benefit to our state.These people will help for speedy growth of our state and nation,Both them are very relentless in there work as because of this we get a good response from them as we deserve .

    sirash kahn

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