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    Vehicle population in Kerala increase rapidly.

    Kerala is a small State with high density of population. In several fronts the State is advancing relatively in a better pace compared to many other States. Vehicle manufactures have noted Kerala as one of their major destination. Almost all models of cars could be seen on Kerala roads.

    In the year 2011 the total number of registered vehicles in the State was 60.72 lakh, which will cross 64.11 lakh by the end of this year. It is to be noted that the aggregate number of vehicles already exceed the number of households in the State (which is about 60 lakhs).

    Kerala was having only a very small number of vehicles earlier, only 0.24 lakh in 1960. This became 5.81 lakh in 1990. After this started the growth and reached 19.1 lakh in 2000, and 53.98 lakh in 2010.

    The sad part of this is that the roads in Kerala are not now in a position to take this high density of vehicles.
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    Vehicles sure are increasing but each new model vehicle that gets into market with affordable prices cost the lives of the owners! Anyone would be happy to argue me out of this but you have to admit the truth. Today every house dreams of a four wheeler in their porch and a two wheeler parked by the side. The grandeur of the vehicle is the brand name and the shine it gives out.But take a hammer and a small blow on the car would probably prove me right that the material used in these kind of affordable cars are not safe enough for you to drive into the speeding heavy traffic of Kerala. Have doubt? closely observe an accident and you can see that the body of the car peels off as easily as you peel an orange. Strong bodied cars demand their prices and today chasing their dream of owning a car the middle class settles in any low rate but shiny model car that is available. Focus on the Tata nano and you will see that it is nothing but a rikshaw engine in a bit more stylistic covering . Surely the population of vehicles are increasing as every working person demands one for their transportation but no one cares how much durable or safe their vehicle is .If everyone would have been aware of the strength of the small prices four wheeler in the markets i'm sure this rate would have been much lesser. But who cares we just have our dreams fulfilled the cheapest way possible , regardless of our own lives.

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    I too agree with Mr. Sankaran Sir. Kerala is a state with increasing density of population . our state cannot afford large number of vehicles. Statistics show that the number of vehicles is increasing and almost all major automobile companies such as Mercedes Benz, BMW, Skoda,Chevrolet,Jaguar etc find their emerging market here.

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    Kerala is a state with larger density of population. Nowadays every ordinary people's house contains atleast one vehicle, four wheels or two wheels. And also looking for costly vehicles. Most of two wheel companies are sell their products at low cost than other states due to large marketting in kerala. If we went to 10 years back, rare to see high class vehicles like hummer, jaguar, bmw, benz and range rover etc. But now these vehicles are common in kerala. These luxurious vehicles are change the culture of kerala.

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    I don't think vehicles change culture Sultan, culture is innate and can't be changed unless the individual wants it changed. But I do agree that modern Keralites lack culture. It is obviously not because of any vehicle though you can surlyput the blame on technology that makes people believe they are superior to other creatures. Stupid thought I know but i'm sure that when you have an iphone in hand and your friend doesn't have even a nokia old version you will surely try to show off. Guess luxury cars are more than just showing than a vehicle to travel in. Its just our big fat ego having cars fa enough to spill out from the garage. Show off of money I guess.

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    vehicle population is a great problem that faces kerala now a day .In kerala the population density is very large compared to other states .kerala is small state with large populatio density. In our kerala day by day the vehiclepopulation of is increased and due to this problem the road accidents are increased rapidly .The kerala is a good store to sell vehicles,there is a large number of vehicle lovers in our state . Each family in our kerala having more than one vehicle those factors will affect the vehicle population .
    The rodes in kerala are prepared as unscientific way,due to this the smooth traveling is not easy in our kerala rodes .The large number of vehicles in kerala rodes lead to make accidents ...


    sirash khan

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