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    Malayalam University becomes a reality.

    This year's November 1st, birth day of Kerala State, which is the 57th one, is a special one. Kerala is the home land of Malayalam speaking people and on this day a University dedicated to the growth and development of Malayalam language is coming into existence.

    The head quarters of this Malayalam University is being located at Thirur, the birth place of Thunchath Ezhuthachan, the father of Malayalam language. Kerala is having a University for Sanskrit language, but not one for its mother tongue, which is now going to be fulfilled.

    This new University will not be an affiliating University. It will have its own departments of study and in the beginning nine centres are proposed. These departments will offer Post Graduate courses leading to M.A. Degree in 12 different specialized subjects. Also it is proposed to start special Chairs in the names of Swathy Thirunal, Rajaravi Varma, C.V.Raman Pillai, Kumaranasan and Herman Gundert.

    In the beginning the University will start functioning at the Campus of Thunchan Memorial College at Thirur and within two years it will be shifted to its new site at Athavanadu, near Thirur in Malappuram district where hundred acres have been set apart for this University.
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    Thanks for the valuable information. Nowadays most of the youngsters are looking for becoming a engineer or doctors. So our culture increases. Kerala piravi is a memorable day for all keralaites. I think kerala university is one of the best university. Because to complete any course is very difficult. I am also feeling with kerala university.

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    I an glad to here to heard about the Malayalam university become a reality and it is a good news for all the people who loves Malayalam language .it is a good decision to have a Malayalam university ,it is especially successful .Most of our Malayalee people select there way to study other languages and there culture but they people did not think about our mother tongue .we have a Sanskrit university ,but didn't think about our Malayalam .it is really good for all Malayalees for study about our traditional custom and there by improve our culture and make a cultured generation .thanks for the information .love Malayalam save Malayalam.

    sirash khan

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    The University was a necessity for Kerala all these years when the mother tongue, Malayalam is nowadays considered a marginalized language by the youngsters!
    I have seen many a number of such cases when I was in the city. When students are required to opt a language often the students who opt Malayalam are teased by the ones who have opted Hindi or Sanskrit. They believe that our mother tongue is a subdues language.Even students of English medium schools take the students of the Malayalam medium as lowers I am not sure why they see so but often Malayalam is seen rejected in the name of STATUS and education.

    Having fluency in English and Hindi are now essential for the upcoming generations to survive in the competitive world but they don't forget their parents and the same way they should not forget their language. This University was for long years a ray hope for Malayalam scholars as only such an institution can fortify again the glory and grandeur of our language. With the more Anglicized slang registering itself as the trend of the day a complete change over was feared by the elders that Malayalam will no longer survive with its purity and beauty without the English incurring in. Any ways the University have high hopes looming over it and is hoped to retrieve that lost glory of our language.

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    Hi gayathri,
    sorry gayathri i don't agree with your opinion .it is not in the case of status, malayalam is our mother tongue and lot of people loves malayalam and Each malayalee is necessary to taste this language and keep study malayalam ,it is a language which tells about a culture.
    Malayalam mostly originated from TAMIL in the sixth century and give this much priority to this language. It is a part of our life so, each malayalee must study about this language and it is necessary for give awareness to our new generation about Malayalam, and aware them to Respect the language. So give awareness to the people who rejected this type of opportunity. And I mention one think that, it is the responsibility of government to add more and more opportunity to didactic Malayalam subjects in the English medium school and aware them to Respect the language.

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    Hi sirash,
    I am agree with you. I love Malayalam than other languages. But most of the malayalees used mixing up of Malayalam and English. It is a disappointing thing from malayalees. Nowadays most of the malayalaees are educated and proffessional. So malayalam subjects are important thing in English medium schools. Most of them are choosing Hindi because of National language. If we are going for job in outside south india, Hindi is the must needed language for communication. So most of them are choosen Hindi. Another thing is valuation of malayalam papers. Malayalam papers are valuated by very strictly. So that will affect the percentage of mark. But valuation of Hindi and Sanskrit is very liberal. So most of them are choose Hindi or Sanskrit.


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    You don't agree with me about the pathetic fate Malayalam is undergoing nowadays! Well I have been experiencing the distinction between Malayalam and other languages ever since I have been introduced to the society and was old enough to understand people. Step into the cities and you will find yourselves disturbed by the trendy people who pretend to have no knowledge over even the right pronunciation of Malayalam. Anglicized substitutes and incurring so heavily in their day to day slang . And ask the city students how many actually know to write Malayalam. I have cousins who cant even read Malayalam they are far from writing it, and all brought up in the cities. I have to read out stories to them from children's magazines and guess what they are elder than me. They were born and brought up here in Kerala itself and yet face these fates. The modern Malayalam is what is referred to the Ranjini Haridas type slang that is already taking over our conversations. I am so relived that such a University exclusively dedicated to Malayalam have actually started because I was afraid even this would be thwarted!

    There is something more the Government should do and that is to make Malayalam a compulsory subject in schools at least till 10th and not just in State run schools but in other syllabuses like CBSC too. It is such a shame that the students of Kerala spread up their finger to flowers when asked to read or write in Malayalam! This have to be changed and should be dealt with immediately.

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    Hi friend,

    Yes i know that things you mentioned about our cities.For building a good society we people must work and think hard.we people only think about the city life .it is the time to change our mind ,"The sole of our nation is not in our cities it in our villages "it is not my words,it GANDHIJIs words so we people must think honestly and do some think for our nations well being.

    The city life of our malayalees are similar to western life and it is a is not easy to get back our kerala culture in the city life ,the people try to do something new for trend.

    sirash khan

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    Thanks to everybody who responded to the above posting on Malayalam University. The aim of the University is to develop our mother tongue and take up all related studies. Good.
    Malayalam is a language spoken by three crore plus people. Relatively a small number. At the same time it is a rich language as far as its literature is concerned.
    It has to be noted that our existing Universities such Kerala, Mahathma Gandhi, Calicut, Kannur and Sanskrit Universities have already established departments catering to the needs of Malayalam language. Also in almost all colleges affiliated to these Universities Malayalam departments are functioning and UG and PG courses are offered.Research facilities also exist in all these centres. What additional work will this new University take up. The condition of the language is not showing any upward change ever since these institutions came into being. We cannot expect this new University will be showing any thing extra ordinary.
    We the so called Malayalam speaking people are queuing in front of English medium schools to get admission for our children. These parents are not going to send their children to any of the Malayalam related courses. So what is the use of this University?

    Gold Member, SPK

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    We can't after all lose all our hopes. There still are people who are crazy about Malayalam and its literature. Even students who take up Malayalam Literature studies out of dedication and not due to sheer pressure are still here in Kerala. We can only hold hope that the University will bring some change to our outlook towards our mother tongue. Seriously when the idea of the University came up I thought this will stay only in documents but now since it has become a reality we can hope that this becomes a panacea to the sufferings undergone by our language. Even though changes on a vast scale cannot be expected the institution will have its own share of influence to our perspectives which will doubtlessly be a positive one.

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    Thank you sir for giving a wonderful opportunity to make share our ideas with this post.Really the "Malayalam University" will helps for finding job opportunity on basis of malayalam literature. By the arrive of this university language is not showing any upward change, but the people gets the knowledge about the malayalam language.

    hope this university will give a positive impact in kerala.

    sirash khan

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    Hi friends,
    It is a great information thread for all malayalies. I think Malayalam university makes a better impact to keralites.


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    Its like a dream come true. It is essential to learn our language to better understand any other language. I have been brought up outside India through out my life, there I see most Malayalee parents interested in teaching their kids English, Hindi and other foreign languages. They give no importance to Malayalam. They consider knowing Malayalam as a low status symbol. This attitude of people has to be changed. If you do not know your mother tongue, it is a disrespect to you nation and birth place. I hope the establishment of this university will make an interest in some people to teach their kids a Malayalam, a great language.

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